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Its Personal At Touch Companies Day Spa in Chicago

Its Personal At Touch Companies Day Spa in Chicago

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When the Westin O’Hare shuttle dropped us off at Touch Companies Spa, a little after 8 AM, myself and 9 other moms looked at each other as if someone made a mistake. First, our driver started out by making the wrong turn, and then he dropped us off in front of a building that didn’t look anything like a day spa.

Turns out, we were in the right place. The spa is located in the same building as the Rosemont Health & Fitness Club. If you were from out of town, and just driving by looking for a day spa where you could be pampered, its doubtful you’d stumble across Touch Companies. Fortunately, they were highly recommended by the Westin O’Hare and our hosts booked them to give us massages and pedicures.

Tip: Touch Companies is only a mile from O’Hare so if you have a long layover, you could grab a cab and enjoy a relaxing massage, facial or manicure.

As a busy Mom that works from home, I NEVER go to the spa. If I’m lucky, I’ll have one manicure OR pedicure a year, and I had never experienced a massage before this trip.  So, yes, I might have jumped up and down, and fist pumped the air when I learned we would be treated to some spa time. I actually had no idea what “spa time” meant, and didn’t care.

Tip: Be sure and check their Facebook and web page each month as they offer new monthly specials.

When we walked into the spa, I was underwhelmed. The lobby didn’t “wow” me and neither did the treatment room. But during my massage, Amanda and I chatted about her job and her passion for giving massages. She talked about working with crews for bands like Nickelback, and athletes for some of the local professional teams. I was fascinated with her stories, yet my tension was melting away as her fingers worked through my knots.

What impressed me most though, wasn’t the clients they work with, but that Touch Companies is a family business with a passion for their clients and their employees. In between my massage and my pedicure, Casey and her mom spent some time sharing a little about themselves and their philosophy. None of their massage therapists work more than 5 hours a day, because they want to ensure the first massage is as enjoyable as the last client of the day.

Its Personal At Touch Companies Day Spa in Chicago

Casey and her Mom went to school together to qualify as massage therapists, and even though not all of the employees are family, they’re all treated like family. Casey’s face lit up when talking about her sister, Stephanie, the “skin care guru” as she called her. They spent 8 months researching and looking for the perfect skin care product for their clients, and are thrilled to be carrying the G.M. Collin line.

Tip: Stephanie does facials, manicures, and pedicures and is a great resource for proper skin and nail care. Ask her why she loves C.N.D. shellac no chip manicure.

After our knots were gone, and our nails were shining, we were in the reception area waiting to be picked up. Casey was awesome about engaging us in conversation, and giving us tips on places to eat, or hang out – like the new entertainment district in Rosemont. There was a bit of a hiccup in our transportation arrangements, but with coffee, fresh fruit, pastries, and the gracious staff, we were in good hands. (Even though our transportation wasn’t handled by the spa, they reached out to make sure it was resolved. This is just another example of how important their customers are, even the ones from out of town!)

Its Personal At Touch Companies Day Spa in Chicago

Tip: Ask about childcare options because it is available at the health club for spa clients.

Whether you live in Chicago, or are there on business or vacation, give Casey a call and book your next spa treatment. Touch Companies Day Spa is open Monday through Friday 9 AM- 8 PM, Saturday 9 AM- 4PM, closed Sundays and holidays. They’re also available for a SPArty to celebrate a birthday, bachelorette party, etc., and can do corporate events.

All photos used in this post were taken by Pam from Just Like June and used with her permission. 

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