Is there such thing as a speedy snail?

turbo movie review

I am not what you would call a bug girl. Snails with their slimy slow bodies are not my favorite creatures, but there is something calm and peaceful about the little guys. I often find myself giving names to the snails that crawl out of the garden after dusk, but I do not want to pick them up. The little girls I nanny are quite a different story. They even have pet snails. So although the thought of watching a movie about snails did not excite me, I know a lot of kids who can’t wait to see their snail friends on the big screen.

TURBO is the newest 3D feature from DreamWorks Animation featuring a star-studded cast. At the core TURBO is and underdog story about dreaming big and over coming odds. When we meet the tiny snail Turbo is an outcast among his friends and family. After a rough day at the “tomato plant,” Turbo takes off on his own. In a freak accident he finds himself sucked into the engine of a sports car and his entire molecular makeup infused with explosive nitrous oxide. Leaving a blue streak in his wake the fun really begins. Turbo and his non-dreaming brother Chet find themselves in the possession of Tito, the scheming dreaming brother of Dos Bros. Tacos. This is where writers David Soren, Darren Lemke, and Robert Seigel weave a tale of two brothers with dos Bros. Through the hard work of some speedy snails Turbo and Tito find their way to the Indy 500 and hopefully stardom.

Turbo and his dreaming partner in crime Tito are faced with non-believers and obstacles at every turn. Actor Ryan Reynolds, voice behind Turbo, said, “What I love most about Turbo is his tenacity and refusal to give up on his dream. In fact, it doesn’t even occur to him to give up.” I am a sucker for an inspirational movie and a reminder that no dream is too big. I am pretty sure that a snail racing in the Indy 500 is probably the biggest leap of faith for a character to make. Even though a major physical change is what gets Turbo noticed, his hard work is what gets him to the end. I give this movie 500 hundred laps and another 500 on DVD.

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I attended a press screening of this movie to facilitate this review. All opinions and dreams are my own. Thank you DreamWorks Animation.

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Riki currently resides in Los Angeles and is a kid at heart. She is a part time nanny to some of the most wonderful children and loves the lessons she learns about raising a family. When she isn't traveling or eating, you can find Riki throwing a tennis ball or frisbee with her energetic border collie.

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