10 Vintage Inspired Blue Wedding Shoes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. 

Trend Alert: It used to be that your ‘something blue’ was a keepsake, jewelry, flowers, garter or even your underroo’s. But these days brides have decided to get a little more bold in a peek-a-boo sort of way. Blue wedding shoes are in. Best of it’s a color you will want to wear again, perhaps break them out on your anniversary or weekend getaway? We love these Vintage Inspired Blue Wedding Shoes!

But first, a few things to think about:

  1. Heel length. If you’re not used to walking around in 4inch heels then DON’T purchase them for your wedding day. At worst, no one wants to be remembered as the bride who face planted walking down the isle. At best you’re feet are going to be screaming for relief by the end of the night.
  2. Straps or No Straps. If you have week ankles or just need a little extra support it seems that I have an easier time walking in a shoe that has an ankle strap. Their also great for women like me who are somewhere in between ie between a 7 and a 7.5
  3. Break Them In. You wouldn’t walk the streets of Manhattan in a new pair of heels right? So why would you spend 12 hours and thousands of steps in a new pair of shoes. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them out and about (although with these fun colors you may be tempted) but break them in and practice walking around the house. This will also give you a chance to forsee any problems like rubbing and allow you to remedy the problem before your big day.

10 Vintage Inspired, Blue Wedding Shoes

Proudly Posh Heel $54.99
Blue Wedding Shoes

Go Floret Heel $39.99
Blue Wedding Shoes


Fluent in Fabulous Heel $69.99

Blue Wedding Shoes


Dynamic Debut Heel $44.99
Blue Wedding Shoes


Top Knot Condition Wedge $37.99

Blue Wedding Shoes


Anywhere You Jaunt Heel $34.99
Blue Wedding Shoes


Fashionable Focus Heel $64.99
Blue Wedding Shoes


Wing and a Flair $47.99
Blue Wedding Shoes


Shoe of Hearts $74.99
Blue Wedding Shoes


Dazzling Display Heel $57.99

Blue Wedding Shoes


Love these shoes but can’t decide which ones? Have your bridesmaids vote!



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