Ever Dropped Your Cell Phone into Your Meal While Cooking?

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 1.03.14 PMVTech Connect to Cell

My family lives in Ohio and that’s a 3 hour time difference from sunny Los Angeles. One of the best times to catch up with my mom is while I am making dinner. Have you ever experienced that amazing shoulder stretch where you squeeze your phone to your face? I can’t tell you how many times my phone has come crashing down into a meal I’m preparing.

The Vtech Connect to Cell is exactly the solution I’ve been looking for. The box comes with two handsets and a cordless headset that all connect to your cellphone through Bluetooth. It was super easy to set up and allows you to consolidate 3 phone lines into one by connecting up to two cell phones plus your land line to the system. This past week was great because not only could I use the cordless headset to chat with family, I could look up recipes on my phone at the same time too. I was also able to avoid short arm and oops I forgot to turn my phone off of silent syndrome.

I liked that after the initial setup, my cell phone automatically connected via Bluetooth anytime I was at home. Having two handhelds docked in the living room and bedroom also means freedom from constantly making sure my cell phone is close to me. (How many of you take your cell phone into the bathroom with when when you take a shower?) And seeing as I don’t know anyone’s phone number but my own, the ability to download my contacts from my cell phone into the Vtech system was a very nice unexpected perk. The Vtech Connect to Cell really helps make functioning a little easier in this cell phone centered society.

The trickiest part was remembering to press the cell button instead of answer. My mom received quite a few test calls where I had my cell phone on the table, the handheld pressed to one ear, and the headset on the other. After a week of testing out the different functions and learning the ins and outs of the Bluetooth connection, I am now Vtech connect savvy.



Riki currently resides in Los Angeles and is a kid at heart. She is a part time nanny to some of the most wonderful children and loves the lessons she learns about raising a family. When she isn't traveling or eating, you can find Riki throwing a tennis ball or frisbee with her energetic border collie.

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