Vacation videos are such a treasure! They capture our friends and family in the moments that we want to hold onto forever. And if you’re like me, you probably have a lot more video content than you really need.

They became fast friends and he even decided to “hang” out for a bit!

The moment your son or daughter gets splashed by that wave hitting the shore, or the butterfly lands on their nose is precious. The videos you took while laying out your towel on the sand probably isn’t worth saving.

Pro-level vacationers spend a few hours curating their content once they return. They want to share the most impactful moments with the people they left behind on their journey. And they want to make it easy to revisit their favorite moments in the future.

Import Content to Your Mac

Videos created using an iPhone or iPad are easy to pull into your computer. I personally use iCloud Photos so that all of my content is automatically synced and accessible on all of my devices.

Of course, you can also import content using your USB cable. This is a great alternative if you’re in a location where data is expensive or unavailable.

Cut, Splice and Enhance

There are a ton of video editing apps and programs out there. I’ve tried many, but I’ve come to prefer Movavi’s video editing software for mac.

They make it really easy to import video content in my iPhone’s native file formats. I can quickly cut out sections that aren’t impactful. I can also add text overlays, along with video filters that really make my content pop off the screen.

Share Your Content

YouTube is a great option for uploading your vacation videos. I set my privacy settings to “private” on each video, since I want to only share them with the people I know.

Of course, there are vacationers making money by building an audience. If you want to launch your own vacation video channel, YouTube is your best bet. You’ll want to spend some time thinking about how you title and describe your video – giving you the best chance for discovery by people interested in your content.

If you simply want to create a back-up of your videos in the cloud, you have plenty of options:

  • iCloud is a great tool for automatically uploading your videos and sharing them with friends and family – if they have an Apple device. I’ve received complaints from non-Apple device users that they run into difficulty seeing the content I share.
  • Google Drive provides 15 GB of free storage. If you need more, you’ll need to subscribe to a Google One plan. I love how easy it is to share and stream my content on this platform.
  • Dropbox used to be a great option but they’ve raised their rates and it just isn’t economical for the average home user, in my humble opinion.

No matter how you capture, edit, store and share, I hope you’ve found my beginner guide helpful! And remember, don’t let capturing amazing video get in the way of being in the moment during your vacation.

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