{DIY} Make Your Own Custom Duvet Cover for CHEAP

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So I just found this awesome deal on 1600 Thread count Egyptian comfort sheets sets (just $34 + $2 shipping – TODAY ONLY) and remembered a trick I used back in college when I couldn’t find a duvet cover I liked or couldn’t afford to spend $200 on one.

What is this secret trick you ask?  Make your own. You don’t even need a sewing machine.

Buy two flat sheets and sew (or use no-sew hem tape that you can iron to fuse them together) 3 sides together and then add buttons or velcro or ribbon to the 4th side. TADA. Easy. Use two different colors or different patterns and you’ve got an instant REVERSIBLE comforter at just a FRACTION of the cost!

I’m loving today’s deal because we actually don’t use a flat sheet on our bed anyway – just the fitted and a down comforter. So I just bought a white set and a dark blue set – and for just $68 I now have 2 new looks for my bed with a reversible duvet in the EXACT two colors Ive been wanting in luxurious 1600 thread count! YIPEEE!

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