Fall-Friendly Activities for Families Amid a Pandemic

Are you ready for the fall? If the previous months have been any indication, things will be anything but ordinary. As the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on American citizens’ health, new regulations are implemented to keep everyone safe. School is back in session, but spikes in new cases have caused some to revert to distance learning and afterschool programs’ cancelation. While there’s an increase in job availability, millions of adults continue working from home as others try to get by on unemployment. 

At a time when people are used to returning to their daily grinds, cheering their kids on from the stands, attending fall events, and preparing for the upcoming holiday season, most are stuck at home adjusting to life amid a pandemic. Though things aren’t what you’re used to, you don’t have to allow it to ruin one of the most popular seasons. You and your family can make the most of the fall by considering these ideas listed below. 

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Enjoy Meals Outside

Do you miss going to excellent restaurants? Why not head to your backyard for a nice family meal? If your yard looks anything like these outdoor kitchen design plans, you’ll love spending time in the cool temperatures with beautifully-colored trees as your backdrop. You can experiment with different recipes, let the kids pitch with cooking, and enjoy a friendly conversation under the stars. When you’re done, you can cozy up by the firepit and wind down before turning in for the night. 

Family Movie Nights

The theaters might be closed in your area, but you and the family can still enjoy the big screen. Outdoor movie nights have become a viral activity for families since the pandemic started. Whether you have a flat-screen television, a projector, a sheet, or an inflatable movie screen, you can bring the cinema to your home. 

Clear out a large enough space for everyone to sit comfortably. Line up some chairs or arrange pillows and blankets on the lawn in front of the screen. Then, prepare some popular movie snacks, pick your favorite flick, and start the show. 

Visit Local or State Parks

Typically, school sports and extracurricular activities would keep you and your children active during the fall. With many of these programs and events canceled, the sedentary lifestyle has become commonplace. Sitting down in front of a screen all day can weaken your immune system; you and your family must get active. 

A fun and simple solution would be to take your family to a local or state park. Visiting at least two or three times a week can do your minds and bodies some good. You can go for a hike, ride your bikes, skate, or play sports ranging from tennis to football. 

Make the Holidays Fun

Much like the influenza pandemic of 1918, it appears that the coronavirus will cancel fall holidays like Halloween. While going door to door, collecting sweet treats isn’t ideal in the middle of a national health crisis, there are still ways you can make the holidays fun for your kids. You can start by decorating the house. Allow the kids to use art and craft supplies to make neat decorations. 

Another option is to have a backyard Halloween party, for just your family. Listen to music, play games, carve pumpkins, and even get a goodie bag filled with treats. Neighborhoods might also come together to host a socially distanced Halloween parade. Allow the kids to get dressed up in their costumes as they parade around the community showing them off. 

The series of events that have unfolded this year has been nothing short of challenging. While it is essential to be aware and follow guidelines to remain safe, it’s equally important not to allow current times to impede your happiness. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to avoid cabin fever and many other physical and mental ailments this fall.