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The Dirty Truth About the 5 Second Rule

Dropped grill items, ice cream cones that topple, pacifiers that hit the floor — most of us have employed the five-second rule at some point to salvage a lost item. Usually some helpful witness shouts out “5 Second Rule” to … Read more

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Vibrant Earth Juices: 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Our bodies are constantly providing us feedback, but how well are we listening? Using the language of feeling or sensation, what we feel isn’t random or without purpose, but our body’s unique way of informing our mind of what we’re … Read more

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Do Juice Cleanses Really Work?

There’s quite a bit of talk circulating around about juice cleanses at the moment. With the popular documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead making it’s rounds in online streaming, to Dr. Oz dedicating an episode to the topic, and countless … Read more

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5 Ways To Prevent Spider Veins

Ever since high school, I have slowly started noticing spider veins on my outside thighs. As someone who noticed spider veins on the other women in my family, I always assumed getting spider veins were apart of growing up and … Read more

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Caribbean Vegan Breakfast Burrito Recipe

  Is it Thursday already? Yes! That means its time to share a new Vegan recipe from my buddy Carolyn :) Being in Southern California and having a hankering for Mexican food, this vegan breakfast burrito recipe is definitely at … Read more

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The Fast Metabolism Diet Explained

Is anyone else sick to death of diets, dieting and “miracle solutions”? I’m tired of diets that require me to cut out complete food groups, or try to live off an insanely low amount of calories each day. I’m tired … Read more

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Keeping UP with My Traveling Lifestyle

Hi, my name is Jeana and I’m a gadget hoarder. I MUST have the latest tablet, smartphone, speaker, and accessory. I’m making efforts to get healthier and more active so my new fascination are gadgets that track your activity like … Read more