If there is one thing all travelers can agree on, it’s that we seek authenticity. We want to experience authentic cultures, experience authentic moments and share authentic stories. Some might say that photos offer the most authentic stories, but is that really the case? Is a posed photo of your children at the beach an accurate representation of the crying fit that ensued not five minutes earlier from saltwater in their eye? Or the way they hate the water but could spend hours building castles in the sand? Part of sharing our authentic stories involves capturing photos in a way that tells the story of the complete adventure, not just the postcard smile moments.

How to Take Better Pictures of Your Travels

Candid photography is an art in itself. Otherwise boring moments can be brought to life with an interesting angle, and events that happen in a blink of an eye can be slowed down to capture one pure moment of joy. It won’t be easy and you’ll probably hate and delete 99 percent of the candid pictures you attempt to take, but believe me, the 1 percent you keep will all be worth it.

How to Take Better Pictures of Your Travels

In this month’s Alamo Scenic Route blog post, I share a few tips to help get you started. Once you know the correct camera settings and a few photography tricks and secrets, you’ll be well on your way to capturing some really great travel moments that will evoke emotion, rather than just show a series of stale posed shots.

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  1. Such great tips! When I’m traveling I try to take as many candid and natural pictures as possible. I always try to turn the camera on the beauty around me and not just myself. I find that having my camera on hand at any moment really makes all the difference!

  2. I need to get out more and practice some photography tricks. I love taking pictures of every day happenings in the street, in our neighborhood, and of course, my favorite subject, the sunset.

  3. Ways to improve travel pics are always welcome. I haven’t seen an Alamo in forever. I’m going to look and see if we have any around here.

  4. I love taking candid photos too because it speaks more about the moment than those shots where subjects actually “pose” for the photo. I also love to play around with the black and white or sepia filter.

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