What I Love About My Boost Warp 4G So Far


A few weeks ago, Boost Mobile provided me with a brand new Boost Warp 4G to test out and see how I enjoyed the experience of using their smartphone compared to my regular device. After a trip to Monterey and lots of time to explore the Boost Warp 4G, I’m already hooked on this smartphone and find myself using the Warp 4G more than my own phone. While the Boost Warp 4G has a lot of great features, here are my top three favorite aspects of the phone that I’ve come to love so far.


The Camera

The Boost Warp 4G features an impressive 8 megapixel resolution camera with a 720p video recorder. To compare, the brand new iPhone 5s has the exact same camera and video recording resolutions, however with the Warp 4G you can set the  camera on a timer ranging from 3 to 5 seconds, use the interval mode to take time-lapse images or video that can take 24 pictures every 2 minutes (perfect for taking images of the sunrise/sunset!) and enjoy a variety of other camera options including Panorama, night portraits, fireworks and backlight display options that don’t require opening up any additional apps or downloading programs. Not only does the Boost Warp 4G take exceptional pictures, but the range of photo and video options for both quality and editing made me find myself using this smartphone just as much as my Canon DSLR camera while on vacation!

Mobile ID

Mobile ID

Exclusive to select Boost Mobile devices, Mobile ID is a pack of applications and content that users can download to their Boost Warp 4G and create additional sets of home screens to your device that you can switch from by tapping the ID button on the device home screen. Each phone can have 6 packs at a time and the installation/download of all ID packs are free.

So far, I’m enjoying using the BodyMedia Pack that allows users to gain quick insight on their calories, activity and sleep data. You can keep up with how many steps you’ve walked per day for example, and see if you’re getting the recommended daily exercise intake or not. In addition to the Mobile ID pack that I use, there’s also a variety of other ID’s to choose from including Dating, Psychic, Active Senior, Small Business (great for bloggers!), Business Pro, Health & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, socially connected and a ton of others! Mobile ID allows individuals to customize their smart phone even more to see what they’re interested in and having the different sections all categorized to when you want to view them.


Installed Apps

With my last phone, I hated the apps that my phone came with that filled up space on my smartphone’s memory and I never once used. With the Boost Warp 4G, not only does it come with better already installed apps, they’re so good that you want to tell your friends and family about them, as they genuinely make your life easier. One pre-installed app, Twonky, is my favorite right now as it is a free, easy to use app that lets you discover your favorite music, movies, and videos and “beam” them to other devices, like your TV! Hangouts is another awesome app that works similar to a messaging program, but brings conversations alive. With Hangouts, you can tell when people are typing, and when they’ve seen your messages and enjoy talking beyond words with over 850 emojis! One of the perks of Hangouts is that it sync’s everything, so if you get a new phone for example, everything syncs to your new phone so you don’t have to worry about losing images or contacts. Plus, even though Boost Mobile offers an incredible $45-$55 a month no-contract plan, for those of your friends that aren’t on unlimited plans, video calls are free to both you and them, so that you can both video call as much as you’d like!

Photos not taken by myself are copyright Hangouts. Thank you to Boost Mobile for providing the phone and 3 months of service to facilitate this review.

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