I used to shy away from floats until I discovered that you can make it to fit with your lifestyle. Since that moment I have probably made hundreds of them but my all time favorite is this Coconut Mango Float.

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I love it because it has all the things a good drink should have – its cold, refreshing, a total thirst quencher, and really hydrating so its great to have after a hot day spent outdoors. But my favorite thing is, it tastes like dessert!

In this recipe, we are going to be using two of my favorite things: mango juice and coconut water. The mango juice is what makes this taste so tropical (I like to say that’s a Caribbean vacation in a sip) and the coconut water is what packs it with a ton of hydrating power.

Then I’m also adding some soda water or club soda which is basically just carbonated water. I love ti because it adds all the sparkles of soda without any of the chemicals. And finally to really make it a float I’m also adding some Ice Cream.

I’ve found a couple of ice cream brands that are Paleo, but I also love making ice cream at home. It’s really one of those things that may seem super complicated and difficult, but it’s actually really easy and you need very few ingredients. My favorite recipe is a can of coconut milk (the full fat one), two eggs and a vanilla bean. I just place the coconut milk and vanilla in a double boiler, slowly add the eggs and whisk until thick and then let it cool for a while and place it into my ice cream maker.

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Once you have everything done is just a matter of scooping, pouring and drinking.

Coconut Mango Float
A Paleo friendly treat that's perfect for beating the summer heat.
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  1. 2 Cups mango juice
  2. 2 Cups coconut water
  3. 2 Cups soda water
  4. Paleo vanilla ice cream
  5. Mango slices, for garnish
  6. Mint sprigs, for garnish
  1. In a pitcher mix the mango juice, coconut water, and soda water.
  2. Pour into glasses.
  3. Top with vanilla ice cream scoops.
  4. Garnish with mango slices and mint sprigs.
  5. Serve and enjoy.
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paleo coconut mango floats

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