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When it comes to being hangry, the struggle is real ya’ll.  As a parents we have all been there, you know, that moment when our kid needs a snack STAT or the proverbial “it” will in fact, hit the fan. We like to call that a state of “hangry.” Unofficially, the definition of hangry is “being irritable as a result of feeling hungry.” To ensure you won’t get a headache and prevent “it” from hitting the fan, look for these signs that your kid is on the verge of going from hungry to hangry aka the point of no return. 

  • They’re digging through the bottom of your purse in search of leftover raisins from two play dates ago. 
  • Suddenly the fact that the sky is blue and the grass is green is the most pointless thing to ever happen in the universe. Everyone’s time would have been better spend making food. 
  • They can no longer make a decision about anything that does not involve what to put in their mouths at that very moment.
  • Speaking of decisions, they want toast. Oh you made toast? They hate toast now. What they meant was cereal. Please hurry before they change their mind again.
  • Your child begins rolling around on the floor clutching their belly dramatically proclaiming that you starve them and never cook anything. Anything!
  • You looked at him. Why did you look at him that way? WHERE IS THE TOAST? I MEAN APPLESAUCE, APPLESAUCE. 
  • Nothing you say will make the world a better place and why is the sky still blue? 
  • The last and final sign before the point of no return is absolute silence. At this point you should probably act fast. Unless they magically fell asleep. In this case, for the love all things fuzzy, don’t disturb them! 
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happy to hangry

One of the best ways to prevent your kid from reaching hangry is by carrying around snacks in a pouch like Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches. They’re mess free, utensils aren’t necessary and they’re made with pure USA-grown fruit and local ingredients. Just check out the label:

happy to hangryOn top of staving off a hunger attack, these are also one of my top recommended products for traveling with kids. They’re TSA friendly and there is no worse place for a kid to get hangry than a crowded plane. They are also incredibly helpful for keeping little ears equalized during takeoffs and landings, so be sure to pack 2 in your carry-on for each plane flight!

happy to hangry

We’ve all been there, and Tree Top wants to help you take your kids from hangry to happy! Official sweepstakes rules can be found here:

Show Tree Top how you help your kids overcome those stressful times! Share a photo of your child’s “hangry2happy” moment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to use the #Hangry2Happy hashtag and tag @TreeTopInc in your post, so we can check it out. Use the Rafflecopter form below to record your entry. You’ll be entered to win one of eight survival kit backpacks full of Tree Top apple sauce Pouches, so you’ll be ready when your kids reach their limit and desperately need a snack.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Top.

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  1. I have to always keep snacks on hand for when we are traveling or out and about because my kids are BEARS when they get hungry. Kinda funny.

  2. I usually have lot of snacks at home & also during our travel, no matter whether it is a short or long trip as kids expect something right away when they are hungry. And that’s how I can make sure they don’t get Hangry!

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