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You guys. I am NOT an experienced homeschool teacher. But due to the recent school closures, I have had to scramble to come up with a gameplan to further my son's education while also trying to work from home.

This is a FREE download of a fully editable Word document that you can change to suit your needs.

*I also have a free printable of The Daily Writing prompt sheet here.

This 4th Grade Daily Homeschool Schedule template is a result of my effort to:

  • Create a daily routine. I feel this will not only help us accomplish our daily goals efficiently but also reduce the number of arguments and whining. With a set schedule to follow, there is no room for negotiations.
  • Mimic (loosely) his existing schedule at school. It's something he is already used and will be returning to so it's a good idea to keep them as similar as possible.
  • Mix analog learning (worksheets from school + others I found online) with digital educational tools. More on this below (see Adventure Academy section), but since I also work from home, the time spent with his digital "teacher" gives me time to complete my own work.



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