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Black Sloth Washable Reusable Face Pads, Makeup, Cloth Wipes 100% Cotton, Eco-friendly, Zero Waste

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Reduce your plastic consumption with these adorable, reusable 100% cotton face pads and cloth wipes. Cutest reusable face pads ever!!

Super soft cotton flannel side for makeup removal and cotton terry cloth gentle scrub side 🙂

I stopped buying throw away cotton rounds two years ago and purchased something like this instead and these are seriously one of the best “green” switches I’ve ever made!

I use the soft side with eye makeup remover solution and then after a quick rinse, I use the same pad, but the opposite side with my daily facial cleanser to wash my face. I keep mine in a small mesh laundry bag hanging near the sink and throw the bag in the wash every few days.

The larger cloth wipes measure approximately 5.5" x 5.5" and are great for cleaning, dusting, cleaning up spills, washing dishes, cleaning sticky hands and messy faces, wiping runny noses, disinfecting the interior of the car or house, bath time, lunchbox, table, or picnic napkins....

Available Sizes (please choose from the drop-down menu)

Set of 7 Face Pads = approx 2.75" x 2.75"
Set of 4 Cloth Wipes = approx 5.5" x 5.5"
Combo set = Receive set of 7 face pads + 4 cloth wipes

*Please note* In order to maximize fabric use and reduce waste, the placement of your chosen pattern may not match the sample squares exactly.

Lots more fabrics and colors to choose from. Please just ask if you have a special request!

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Rinse after each use and hand wash or machine wash/dry in a small laundry bag.

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