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5 Businesses Inspiring Change in the World

This post brought to you by American Century Investments. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Surf and Sunshine. Each day we make choices that impact our lives, our children’s lives, and the future of the Earth. While … Read more

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Take trips that give back

Traveling to new places is nothing short of amazing. The sights, the cultures, the new foods, all of it introduces not only to new parts of the world, but to new parts of ourselves. Each time we travel we discover … Read more


7 Ideas for Meaningful Gifts

We spend countless hours searching out the very best gifts for our loved ones. Scouring the stores for a meaningful item, a functional present, and we find ourselves tired and frustrated resolving to buy whatever we can at the last … Read more

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8 Brands We Love that Give Back

In a season where it is so easy to get caught up in consumerism, it’s so important that we, as individuals, take the time to remember the true spirit of the holidays. It’s a time for giving back to those … Read more


Finding Happiness Being a Zookeeper

The first time I heard the term “endangered species” was on a field trip to the Detroit Zoo. The zookeeper was showing us around for the day, and we stopped at an exhibit of sea turtles where we were told about … Read more

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Sofia Mulanovich is Changing Lives One Wave at a Time

Swatch and Sofia have formed The Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich. This project is meant to identify talented surfers in Peru from all different socio-economic backgrounds and give these children the chance to improve their skills and go after their dreams of … Read more

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Be a Hero with GoPro for a Cause

The same camera that captures your every adventure is now working to make the world a better place. GoPro for a Cause has partnered with three incredible non-profits to give back to those in need. GoPro provides financial support as … Read more

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Stop the Poaching Crisis – Join 96 Elephants

The first time I ever touched an elephant, I was surprised by the coarse, bristly hairs that peppered its wrinkled gray skin. I stood in the shadow of the massive animal struck by the unsuspecting gracefulness. The long truck snatched … Read more