Handprint Mayflower
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Once every couple of days my kids rush in to my room, faces stricken with horror, and collapse into a pile of sobs.  They then proclaim how they are certain that I don’t love them because they found some of their school papers in the garbage (busted!).  I feel like a horrible mother, they assure me that I am. I dig out the papers, then wait till the kids are asleep to take  them out to the outside trash. I am ashamed, but 3 kids x 10 art projects a day? It’s a little much! I want to assure all of you who think I am heartless that I do hang a bucket load of pictures on the fridge, but some do wind up in the garbage eventually.

I’ve told my kids that one sure fire way to make sure an art project makes it into our keepsake box is to put their hand print (or fingerprint!) on it. I may be a minimalist with a heart of stone, but even I would never throw away anything with their hand print on it! My kids are growing up fast and I want to remember how little and cute they were forever. Nothing captures that like hand print crafts! That’s why I love this little hand print Mayflower.

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All you need is construction paper, white paper, and paint! I’ve seen versions of this made with all paint, or some made with all construction paper, and lots with just a combination of the two.

Thanks, Fryman Four!

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