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Can Your Outdoor Gear Take a Beating…From a Bear?

Durability is key when it comes to our outdoor necessities and OtterBox outdoor gear will stand up to the elements and anything my family can put it through. While some people might be preoccupied with the approaching holidays and gearing up for all night shop-a-thons, I am still in full …

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How to Balance Motherhood with an Adventure Loving Soul

How I realized that motherhood didn’t mean abandoning myself. I can be an adventure loving mom, embracing the best parts of me, and also sharing them with my family.  Sponsored by Zappos What compromises did you make when you became a mother? Were you prepared for how much life would …

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The Most Useful Camping Essentials for Your Mini-Adventurer

It can be isolating to have a baby…especially your first. It is tricky to go anywhere. I was terrified of my son catching germs and getting sick any time we stepped foot outside the house. Plus, I was always a mess trying to get out the door with the two …


How to Have the Most Epic Summer Road Trip in Michigan

Ah, the days of sweet summer sunshine mixed with endless backyard barbecues and children laughing while running through sprinklers are finally upon us. After a long winter like the one we just had, I’m extra itchy for some sort of epic family adventure – a “Mother-of-all-trips.” Something to be savored …

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What is a Solar Oven and How Does it Work?

Solar power is emerging as an important renewable energy source that produces no pollution and has vast potential. The sun sits over 90 million miles away from the earth, but it only takes sunlight roughly ten minutes to travel that distance, revealing its incredible strength. By harnessing the power of …


Unigear: Family Outdoor Adventure Gear Must-Haves

My time outdoors is a sacred piece of time. It is where I go with my family to explore. It is where I escape when I have to get away from emails and phone calls. Outside is where I find myself once again and forget the chaos of life, if …


9 Things I Learned on a 5 Month Road Trip

The Great American Road Trip! There is nothing quite like hitting the open road and exploring all our great country has to offer. However, driving hundreds, maybe thousands of miles isn’t exactly easy. When my husband and I decided to sell our house and go on a five month road …


Easy Camping Cooking with Solo Stove

My husband and I do a lot of camping, and part of a successful camping experience is being sure to have all the right tools. Preparation is key, and the Solo Stove has proven to be a wonderful tool when you are spending time in the great outdoors. It makes cooking …

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Forever Memories with Family Adventures

“Get outside!” My mother would shout, as my five siblings and I ran around the house in a cartoon cloud of dust and chaos. There were six of us kids constantly on the go during my childhood, and my love of the outdoors originated in the afternoons we were forced outside …


5 Must See State Parks of the United States

There is still some summertime left this year, and if you are looking for a fun last minute vacation consider some of the wonderful State Parks of the United States. With so much to see and do, our State Parks are the perfect place for a weekend getaway or even …


Summer fun with backyard camping!

One of the great parts of summer is being able to spend time with your family having fun outdoors. And though a camping trip may have the appeal of a wild adventure, the potential chaos is enough to drive any parent mad. Fortunately, the classic activity of backyard camping brings …

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10 Incredible Facts about Yellowstone National Park

The word vacation might conjure up images of tropical beaches or maybe far off countries without romantic languages, but consider the beautiful destinations right here in our own country. Our National Parks showcase the incredible landscapes while preserving them for generations to come. Yellowstone National Park is one of the most awe inspiring places …

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A Campground Made for Swashbuckling Pirates

My family had been excited for our trip to Tuckerton, New Jersey ever since we were invited to stay at it’s Sea Pirate Campground. Finally, after 700 miles across 4 states and 12 hours in the car we arrived! We were warmly welcomed and despite being an hour and a half early, we were able …

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A Closer Look at The Crazy Horse Memorial

In the Black Hills of South Dakota stands the world’s largest mountain carving – The Crazy Horse Memorial. Together, sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski and Chief Henry Standing Bear created this incredible work of art in memory of the Lakota leader Crazy Horse as well as the history and culture of the …


For the Adventurer: A Must Have List for Camping

Summer is approaching and that means one thing – Vacation! My husband and I both grew up in Michigan and our summer vacations revolved around camping. In the only place where “Up North” is considered a destination, we have become accustomed to sleeping in tents, hiking, cooking over a campfire, …


Make Life an Adventure: Travel and Let Life In!

There is nothing quite like the thrill of traveling. To venture to a new world without knowing what you will see, who you will meet, or where the road will take you, it is a strange blend of delightful butterflies and heart racing nervousness. Last year my husband and I …