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Shrimp Campechana mexican shrimp cocktail

Shrimp Campechana (Mexican Shrimp Cocktail)


This Shrimp Campechana is a traditional Mexican shrimp cocktail recipe using tequila.



1 cup of 901 Silver Tequila, plus 2 tbsp reserved

1 pound of medium shrimp, shelled and deveined

1 can of san marzano whole peeled tomatoes, drained

¼ cup of tomato paste

Juice of two limes plus 1 cup of lime juice (for poaching)

1 small sweet onion

3 cloves of garlic

1 tbsp of fresh basil

1 cup of cilantro

1 small cucumber, seedless or seeded, peeled and roughly diced

1 small Serrano chile, seeded and stem removed

5 tbsp of salt

1 tbsp of prepared horseradish

½ cup of Spanish olives, pitted

1 tsp of finely ground pepper

1 large avocado, diced

1 cup of fresh grape or cherry tomatoes, diced or quartered.

* optional, add ½ c of Chile Sauce in lieu of tomato paste



Add 3 tbsp of salt, 1 c lime juice, 8 c water and 1 cup of 901 Silver Tequila to a large pot and bring to a low boil.

Toss in shrimp and remove from heat.

Allow to poach gently, 4 minutes or until pink and cooked through.

Remove shrimp from water and set aside to cool.


Combine tomatoes, paste, lime juice, onion, garlic, serrano, cucumber, basil and cilantro, olives and 3 tbsp salt, pepper and horseradish to a food processor and pulse gently until incorporated.

Once shrimp have cooled, toss in with the tomato mixture.

Slowly add in the avocado, fresh chopped tomato and add to a cocktail glass such as a Martini or Wine Glass – drizzle with 901 Silver Tequila.

Serve with homemade tortilla chips

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