Girl Playing in Snow

5 Unique Christmas Vacation Destinations For A White Christmas

This post brought to you by Best Western. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Surf and Sunshine. The holidays are busy time of year so what better excuse for those with wanderlust to plan an escape? For me, it isn’t the Holidays without snow covered roof tops …

miagao church 8

The Story of the Miagao Fortress Church

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but architecture tells the story of centuries that have come and gone. The looming monuments of previous centuries give us a glimpse of what life used to be like and remain as pieces of history that tell of the people before us. …

wat chedi luang

Two Must See Temples of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Once the capital of Thailand’s Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai serves as a northern hub to many interested in it’s vast cultural and natural offerings. Known for it’s silk and hand woven textiles, this “Rose of the North” is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Chiang Mai …

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The Greenwood Great House of Montego Bay, Jamaica

What else does a Jamaican vacation offer besides the beautiful sunshine and miles of Caribbean coast? It also has a lot of history, and the Greenwood Great House in Montego Bay gives visitors a chance to literally step back in time and be immersed in vintage splendor, learn about Jamaica’s history …

Batu Caves7

Visiting Lord Murugan at the Batu Caves in Malaysia

Standing at the base of the stairs and looking up 272 steps, I stared at the opening of a cave system said to be close to 400 million years old. Originally the Batu Caves were used as shelters by the indigenous Temuan people. It’s name derives from the Sungai Batu …


Have a Heart to Heart with an Orangutan

The day our travel group had been anxiously awaiting had finally arrived. As our bus entered the Matang Wildlife Centre, we practically vibrated with excitement. Today we would be volunteer participants of the Heart2Heart Program, a one day program that allows participants to help in the Orangutan conservation effort.  Did you know… The …

Madrid at night

Top 10 Reasons Why You Have to Visit Madrid

Madrid exudes a beauty that will soon rekindle your passion for life and this is one ‘bucket list’ destination that should be visited sooner rather than later. Here are ten of the best reasons to visit this historic and cosmopolitan city. Treat yourself You can find hotels and apartments to suit …

Petronas Towers5

An Interesting History of The Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur

The Petronas Towers are the pride of Kuala Lumpur for a great many reasons. The story dates back all the way to the beginning of Kuala Lumpur. The city’s early years are marked with great tragedy, beginning with the great fire in 1881. This devastating fire ripped through the young city at an …


New Music for Guests of Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos

This October, Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos began offering guests Volume 11 from their music amenity program, The Sound of Your Stay®. Hard Rock has 191 venues that stretch across 59 countries and houses the greatest collection of music memorabilia. Therefore, it only makes sense that this globally recognized company would …

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Ways to Unplug in Gulf County, Florida

This post brought to you by Gulf County, Florida. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Surf and Sunshine. The other night, I went to bed with such an unbearable migraine, I actually thought I might need to go to the hospital. I managed to take some aspirin …