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Knott’s Labor Day Weekend Celebration

Regardless if you are visiting for the first time or are a regular guest, Knott’s Berry Farm always offers something new to keep visitors excited and pleased throughout the year. Whether adding new attractions, shows, or offering specialty snacks and meals, Knott’s always provides a reason to visit and this …

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Explore the Wild Side of The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

When was the last time you saw baby Jaguar cubs in person? Or peered up at a family of giraffes? How about enjoyed a safari trip in the desert? Not recently? Well, California’s Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert offers up close, guided tours and much more than …


A Scent That Carries A Memory of An Incredible Vacation

I’ve been to the ocean numerous times in my life. I’ve visited both the Atlantic and the Pacific states like Maryland, Florida, California and even Canada. As often as I have visited the ocean still failed to hold the significance to me that it does for so many other people. …

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5 Reasons to Have Your Destination Wedding in Jamaica

A warm salty breeze gently washes over your shoulders as you look your loved one in the eyes, toes wiggling nervously in the sand. You can almost smell the sunshine, as you hold hands and smile at one another as if sharing a secret. The turquoise blue ocean kisses the …

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Knott’s Berry Farm To Host Labor Day Weekend Event

If you live in Southern California, look no further than Knott’s Berry Farm to get you in the holiday spirit and enjoy some fun thrills this weekend! The family theme park known just as well for their fun holiday spirit as thrilling rides, will be hosting a Labor Day special …

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James Foley: A Beacon of Courage and Truth

As I drove to work this morning, I listened to the story of James Foley on NPR. While I heard about his work and his shocking death, I found myself full of heartache for this man and his family along with admiration for his work. The American photo-journalist went missing …

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Knott’s Halloween Haunt Promises To Kill Or Become Infected

Knott’s Berry Farm has long treasured their reign as the location for Southern California haunts, but with so many neighboring theme parks becoming infamous for scares of their own, Knott’s has kicked it up a notch with this year’s Scary Farm. Beginning September 25th, guests can test their limits through …

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7 of the Most Beautiful Lighthouses in the United States

Did you know the very first known lighthouse was built around 280 BC in Alexandria, Egypt? The massive lighthouse sat at the entrance to Alexandria’s harbor and was referred to as the Pharos of Alexandria. It stood over 440 feet tall and existed for over 1,500 years until it was …

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Pokémon Trainer Challenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain

On a bright sunny Sunday morning, I headed out to Six Flags Magic Mountain, which is located in the town of Valencia (a suburb of Los Angeles). This was my daughter’s first time at Magic Mountain, which is known for thrilling rides such as Batman™ The Ride, The Riddler’s Revenge …

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4 Most Common Things To Do In Las Vegas + Win a Trip For Two

There are places people travel for the amazing culture, the charity work or a nature experience. Then, there is Las Vegas. When people go to Las Vegas they’re looking for an incredible experience, to be dazzled by over the top sights and sounds.  Visit a World Famous Casino One of …