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15 Tips For Traveling Abroad With Kids

I’m always surprised by the number of people I meet that have never had a passport. I’m even more blown away by those that have never even left their home state. How is this possible? It’s unfortunate that so many people don’t realize that our freedom to travel almost anywhere …

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Lifestraw: Saving the World One Straw at a Time

How many times have you been sick this year? I mean sick enough to miss work. How many times have your kids been sick and missed school? For most of us, it is only a few times a year that we get sick, and we only miss a handful of …

learning how to surf in Kauai

Learning How to Surf in Kauai

Excited to cross off another ‘first’ on my unofficial Kauai Travel Bucket List I arrived at Hawaiian Surfing Adventures for, you guessed it, a surfing lesson. I would be taking my lesson with fellow bloggers and it was a first for all of us, so today was about to get …

Princeville Ranch Adventures

A Jungle Adventure in Kauai

As soon as I saw the itinerary for the Jungle Valley Adventure at Princeville Ranch Adventures, it became number one on my Kauai Travel Bucket List. Mostly because it offered a little bit of everything – kayaking, zip lining, hiking and waterfalls but also because it encompassed so many “firsts” for me.  At check-in I …

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A Day Well Spent on a Horseback Tour of Kauai

After fourty minutes of driving my GPS directed to me to turn on a dirt road, painted the infamous Hawaiian red. It was then that I realized two things. One, I was very near the coast. Two, I had surely arrived at CJM Country Stables as the wooden fence line …

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Waimea Plantation Cottages offer a relaxing escape in Kauai

In the 1800’s a young man by the name of Hans Peter Fayé traveled from his native Norway to settle on the island of Kauai. In addition to sugar, Fayé also owned a copra (used to extract coconut oil) plantation. It is on 30 of those acres that Waimea Plantation Cottages reside today. …


Flying High with the Wings Over Houston Airshow

Are you looking for a family event that is new and exciting, as well as educational? And maybe even charitable? Check out the Wings Over Houston Airshow coming this November. It is one of the largest non-profit civic events in Houston with all proceeds going to sponsorship in the Wings …

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Cruise Holidays: Plan Ahead for Your Ocean Adventure

Taking a cruise across the world’s oceans to far-flung destinations has become highly popular. Transatlantic cruises are as glamorous as you’d imagine and for a few weeks you can relax and follow the sun around the world. Ports of call can include spots such as Miami, Florida or further afield …


12 Interesting Facts about Mauritius

Mauritius is a favorite destination among travelers, whether you’re looking for adventure, luxury and pampering, or cheap holidays on an exotic island. Known worldwide for its white beaches and pristine waters, the country is unique in so many ways! Here are a few interesting facts you might not know about Mauritius. …

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5 Tips to Keep Your Cool While Traveling with Kids

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, now is the time when many parents are planning a much-needed break away with their family to decompress from a busy year. While the thought of traveling for hours on end with restless children, or of hearing the phrase “I’m bored” a hundred times, …