travel for book lovers

Literary Vacation Destinations: Travel for Book Lovers

Many authors are inspiration by real people and places so why not meld your love of literature with your vacation? We have some great travel for book lovers inspiration to get you started. Whether you are a student studying for their online masters in liberal studies degree, or a voracious …

otterbox outdoor gear

Can Your Outdoor Gear Take a Beating…From a Bear?

Durability is key when it comes to our outdoor necessities and OtterBox outdoor gear will stand up to the elements and anything my family can put it through. While some people might be preoccupied with the approaching holidays and gearing up for all night shop-a-thons, I am still in full …

Santa Fe weekend itinerary
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The Ideal Itinerary for a Weekend Getaway in Santa Fe New Mexico

Before touching down I can tell you I knew all of two things about Santa Fe: it was in New Mexico and I would definitely be eating Tamales at some point during my 3 day Santa Fe weekend itinerary. I slowly opened the shade and blinked blindly into the full New …

why visit mykonos greece

Why You Should Make Mykonos Greece Your Next Vacation Destination

Why visit Mykonos Greece? The perfect romantic getaway, Mykonos is a destination meant for those that truly want a quiet beach vacation to get lost in multiple novels in the sand and sip wine with your sweetie all day. An island which lies on the west coast of the country …

adventure loving mom

How to Balance Motherhood with an Adventure Loving Soul

How I realized that motherhood didn’t mean abandoning myself. I can be an adventure loving mom, embracing the best parts of me, and also sharing them with my family.  Sponsored by Zappos What compromises did you make when you became a mother? Were you prepared for how much life would …

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Where You Need to Stay in Santa Fe

Amidst the red and brown dessert of New Mexico, we find sanctuary at these Santa Fe hotels – immersed in lush green serenity at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort and then surrounded by art, culture, and history at La Fonda on the Plaza.  I touched down in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as a …

eco friendly take tahoe resort

What Happens When a Lake Tahoe Resort Embraces Sustainable Agriculture?

Looking for a Lake Tahoe eco friendly hotel? So many places nowadays take small measures to be green, but the Resort at Squaw Creek absolutely nails it in so many ways, and even helps feed the community too! Many estimates project our global population will reach over 9 billion by …

family road trip packing tips

Must Haves for Surviving a Long Family Road Trip

From food to entertainment and everything in between, those long car trips can be hard on the entire family. Make sure you have what you need to keep everyone fed, entertained, dry and most importantly, happy with these family road trip packing tips. Some families are made of true road trip …

99 things to do in oslo norway twitter
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99 Things to Do in Oslo, Norway

If you are looking for a vacation with a whole lot of variety and never a dull moment, Oslo, Norway is the place for you. Rich in culture and history, Oslo prides itself on its ancestry and strong traditions. No matter the season, it’s easy to fill your days with …


How to Get a Copy of Your Birth Certificate When You Need it FAST

A recent experience – renewing my son’s passport last minute – ended up being WAY more than I bargained for, but I’ve learned there’s an easier way for next time. Read on to learn how to get a copy of your birth certificate fast! I stood in the middle of …


12 of the Most Stunning Sunsets Worth Taking an End of Summer Road Trip For

t is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times ~ Asian Proverb The sun is getting close to setting on summer, and it is the perfect time for one more quick road trip. All over North America, there are breathtaking landscapes that make for …

santa barbara weekend ideas

The Perfect Weekend in Santa Barbara: Luxury, Wine and Adventure

I think we can all agree that life is full of, well, life. You never know what tomorrow, or even today, will bring. Whether it be hectic, joyous, disappointing, exciting, stressful or satisfying – I’m always looking for more. More what? More experiences. More food. More laughter. More discoveries. More …

camping with baby tips

The Most Useful Camping Essentials for Your Mini-Adventurer

It can be isolating to have a baby…especially your first. It is tricky to go anywhere. I was terrified of my son catching germs and getting sick any time we stepped foot outside the house. Plus, I was always a mess trying to get out the door with the two …


11 Love Lock Locations Around the World Where You Can Lock Up Your Love

Did anyone watch “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard? Remember the one on one date with John in Prague, when he tries unsuccessfully to place their padlock on the fence covered in locks? I’d never heard about “love locks” before watching that episode, but apparently its a hugely popular trend, especially in Europe. …


10 Crazy Places To Stay In Iceland

Iceland is one of the most mysterious and fascinating countries in the world. Known as the land of fire and ice, it has about 30 active volcanoes as well as massive glaciers that make the center of the country a vast wasteland of ice and snow. The dramatic environmental contrasts …


Temecula: Where the Sun and the Earth Meet

What do you do when you’re dying to get away but only have a couple days to do so? Plan a staycation! Staycations can make the perfect couples’ weekend getaway and for those living in Southern California, Temecula is the ultimate staycation destination with plenty to see, do and eat. Temecula …