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Why is Taking Care of Your Skin Important?

When you think of self-care, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, skincare is becoming the top of their self-care priority list, because they know neglecting their skincare routine is a huge mistake. As the body’s … Read more

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Essential Oil Properties and Skin Benefits

Essential oils have exploded in popularity as a way of naturally promoting health and well being. Depending on the essential oil, there are some amazing therapeutic properties that can be utilized. Here is a list of some of our favorite … Read more

How To Choose The Right Reading Glasses -  - How To Choose The Right Reading Glasses

How To Choose The Right Reading Glasses

The accessories we wear have a lot to do with how we look. Sure, you can wear bracelets and stylish shoes that match with your outfit and look great, but, these are not the places where people look first – … Read more

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7 Summer Trends We All Should Be Wearing

Though the biggest and most anticipated fashion magazine issues come out in fall and autumn, if you’re like most people, summer is your favorite season for your wardrobe. We wear our favorite dresses, skirts, and cute footwear during the warm … Read more

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5 Healthy Summer Skincare Tips

While it’s essential to care for your skin year-round, our skin needs change along with the season. Even if you’re living in a beachside climate, the weather still fluctuates during the cooler months, and your skin needs time to adjust … Read more

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8 Beauty Trends You Need to Try Now

Women love to look good, and these beauty trends help women look and feel their best with ease. From skin smoothing rollers, to styling your hair naturally, there are countless ways to look amazing. If you’re looking for some new … Read more

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Why Accessories Make The Outfit

Many times the first thing we notice about someone’s look is their smile, or maybe it’s their shoes or their handbag. But, some of the most unsung heroes of someone’s fashion statement are their accessories! Sure, we’ve all been there, … Read more

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Ways To Save Money On Beauty Treatments

Sometimes our wants are more extensive than our budget. But let’s be honest, this is nothing new, right? While we all want to look and feel our best all the time, it may not be feasible to get everything we … Read more

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6 DIY Fourth of July Nail Art Ideas

One of my favorite markers of summer is just a few days away – the Fourth of July! Last year I tried my hand at a festive Fourth of July nail art design at home and I think it turned … Read more

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Investing In Key Summer Fashion Staples

We all know that one of the key foundations to feeling our best is looking our best. There are so many ways, and a lot of them personal to ourselves, on just how to look our best. We all have … Read more