Why Accessories Make The Outfit

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Many times the first thing we notice about someone’s look is their smile, or maybe it’s their shoes or their handbag.

But, some of the most unsung heroes of someone’s fashion statement are their accessories!

Sure, we’ve all been there, throwing out compliments like “I love your necklace, where’d you get it?”

But, we never take the time to think about just how much a statement these pieces make the individual.

The next time you shop for accessories, keep in mind some of these easy ways to upgrade your aesthetic with some fun accessories depending on your personality. 

For The Sassy Girls 

Whether she’s an introvert or more extroverted, we all know those girls that have a little extra spice than maybe the rest of us do – and we are here for it and love her for it.

sassy jewelry for women

There are sassy jewelry pieces available for these types of women in your life.

What better way to show her you appreciate that confidence and outspoken nature than giving her a necklace that screams it from the rooftop for it.

Equally, if you’re that kind of gal and you’re reading this, maybe give your vocal cords a break and say it with a bracelet. 

Men Underestimate Their Power 

Men often underestimate the power of the accessories they wear and don’t always feel comfortable wearing jewelry.

Sadly, they don’t realize how attractive most women find this.

Not only does a man wearing jewelry show he’s into his look and fashion, but it also conveys a sense of confidence as it’s not the norm for guys.

So, whether you want to gift your guy a pair of men’s Cartier sunglasses for Christmas this year, or make it a “just because” present – set him up for sartorial success by showing him the power of accessorizing!

men wearing sunglasses

Other areas men can accessorize and shine in are fun socks. Also, make sure your guy isn’t wearing an inseam that’s too long for him either!

Sure, some women love tall guys, but men can get caught up on the length of their inseam for some reason.

Ideally, you want to see a little ankle (gasp!), and therefore you’d see a little of the fun socks.

If he has to dress in suits for work, keep him looking sharp in nice ties (bowties are always in trend too and make a statement) and at least one or two pairs of classic cufflinks. 

It’s In The Bag 

Handbags are an area that gets overlooked by some women. Handbags say a lot about you, almost as much as what kind of car you drive.

Of course, if you could give a hoot about fashion, you’re not too concerned here, but you probably haven’t made it to this point in this article either.

So, choose your handbag carefully. If you have the budget for it, it’s worth investing in a high-end designer handbag.

woman carrying handbag

Not only does it make a huge statement when you walk into a room, but it’s also going to last you for years to come.

Not only that, designer handbags are somewhat iconic, so they’re easy to take from day to night, no matter the size or shape – they get a free pass, so to speak. 

Additionally, the higher end the bag, the more likely it is to last you for generations.

Investments like this quickly become heirloom pieces for your family members to treasure long after you’re gone. 

Speaking Of Heirlooms 

Some of the best accessory investments are going to be in fine jewelry.

Maybe you’re lucky enough to own your great-grandmother’s engagement ring or a treasured necklace your mother wore every day while you were growing up.

These pieces are the most sentimental to all who possess them.

So, as you’re growing your jewelry and accessories collection, if it’s in your budget to invest in potential heirloom pieces, it’s worth it.

You could also choose to save until you have enough to buy what you truly want instead of impulse shopping for cheaper jewelry. 

Accessories can make or break any look. You’re always one over-the-top bubble necklace from looking dated.

So, take the time to learn what you love and will wear daily – and remember, your sense of style is yours alone – don’t sweat what other people think.

If you’re still into bubble necklaces, you do you, mama!