Sassy Jewelry for Badass Women (That’s ALL of Us Ladies!)

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Never forget that you are a Badass woman in your own right, and you deserve some sassy jewelry to tell the world. These pieces from Metal Marvels are the perfect reminder that you have the strength and capability to do anything you want to do.

curse word jewelry custom

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Wear one of these awesomely badass pieces and take on the world. Proceed cautiously if you don’t like curse words or profanity.

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Always Stay Wild
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Get out there and do something epic!
Never underestimate the power of kindness.
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Never forget how badass motherhood has made you.
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Carry your mantra with you everywhere you go.
Be the CEO of your life, and go after those big goals.
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Never forget your bravery.
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Do not let anyone silence your voice.
Sometimes a little profanity is necessary.
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Take a moment to just breathe every day.
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Always be thankful.
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We are all Queens that live by our own rules.
Chase those goals down!
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Keep your profanity tongue-in-cheek.
image 49d0b657 c5c6 4e77 9384 8479ee8c9361 800x e1556940974334
Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Don’t forget your partner in crime.
image 6bfa2747 118d 4ace a44d d78df64c4bf8 800x e1556941115578
Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.
We might all be a little happier if we learned to say this more often.
image ea2e12d5 53ed 46c7 ae43 7b31b6f760e7 800x e1556943072581
Embrace being a See You Next Tuesday.
Keep the bad at bay with this “Not Today Satan” necklace.

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