16 Funky and Unique Travel Gifts

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For those that have an adventurous soul, you have to think outside the box when it comes to buying gifts for travelers.

Check out these unique finds – the perfect travel gifts for your loved ones that live to explore the world. A gift guide for adventure seekers and the travel obsessed.

To me, collecting travels is like living alternate lives. Each destination changes me and opens my eyes to the this great, big world.

Just like my heart, I wear my love of travel on my sleeve, in hopes of meeting other like minded wanderers.

Grand Trunk Hooded Travel Pillow 

I don’t know about you, but when I travel, I like a sense of privacy when I fall asleep on a plane or in a car.

This hooded neck pillow is perfect to support the head and provide some privacy. 

grand trunk hooded travel pillow travel gifts

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller 

Odor-free and void of any DEET, this portable mosquito repellent is perfect for outdoor fun.

It keeps pesky mosquitoes out of a 15 by 15 foot zone It is cordless, lightweight and comes in multiple colors.

Made with 100% parachute nylon, it is water and sand proof. 

thermacell mosquito repeller

Grand Trunk Parasheet Beach Blanket 

This blanket is made for the outdoors. It folds up easily for travel and has a lightweight design.

Made from 100% parachute nylon, it is water and sand proof. Adventure lovers can take it anywhere they may roam.

grand trunk beach blanket unique travel gift idea

Personalized World Timer Paperweight 

This artfully crafted paperweight from Penelope Tom can be engraved with a personal message.

It is a touchingly unique gift for travel lovers. 

travel paperweight


Any frequent traveler needs this BevLedge organizer. It hold drinks, cell phones, writing utensils and more to give people much more when they fly.

It also folds up to conveniently fit in a carry on or laptop case.

The BevLedge ingeniously fits in the window shade slots of most major commercial aircrafts. 

bevledge organizer

AAA Premium Traveler Road Kit 

Great for anyone that spends a lot of time on the road or a new driver, this kit from AAA has 64 pieces to help travelers safe on the road. 

aaa premium traveler road kit

LifeStraw Products

Originally developed and used in a strictly humanitarian capacity, the company now offers a large variety of products that filter water and make it safe to drink – each fit for a purpose. 

From the original, compact LifeStraw (perfect for camping and outdoor adventures), to the newest personal use LifeStraw Flex (it’s a squeeze bottle!), to the kid-friendly LifeStraw Play – there is a filter for everyone.

lifestraw go water bottle

Personally, I never travel without my LifeStraw Go. It’s a BPA free flip top sports bottle with a two stage integrated filter straw and convenient carabiner.

I’ve refilled it in questionable streams, in the airplane lavatory, from a hose in rural Mexico and countless other sources I would never consider drinking directly from.

mexico ruins

Aside from being an indispensable travel, outdoors and camping accessory, the best part is that for every LifeStraw product sold, a child in need receives safe water for an entire school year.

LifeStraw even takes it a step further with a five year commitment after installation to ensure the LifeStraw product is being used properly and in good working order.

Innostage Wicker Picnic Basket 

With everything needed to serve four people on a picnic, this basket is an adorable gift idea for anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors. 

wicker picnic basket

How to Shit Around the World by Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth

A world traveler needs this frank, and very helpful guide to keep them healthy on their greatest adventures. 

how to shit around the world book

Carry-On Cocktail Kits 

This set of cocktail kits is flight friendly and has the approval of the TSA.

If you know a traveler that gets a little nervous about flying or just a traveler that enjoys a cocktail, they need these in their carry on.

There is enough in each kit to make two cocktails. 

travel cocktail lkit

Jewelry Travel Case

Taking jewelry when traveling can be a pain. It gets tangled or worse yet – lost.

This Lily and Drew jewelry travel storage keeps items safe and secure during travel. 

jewelry travel storage case

Our Adventure Scrapbook

Get this scrapbook for the couple that loves to travel together.

It comes with 40 pages to fill, postcards to send along the way and photo corner stickers. 

our adventure travel scrapbook

Travel Fund Bank

For the beginner traveler, give them a piggy bank to start saving their way to adventure. 

travel fund bank

Even more travel gifts

If you are looking to accessorize your travels, here are some beautiful travel gift ideas that will capture the worldly passions of the modern traveler.

From jewelry to great getaway bags, express yourself with these unique travel gifts.

We love travel themed necklaces and this There’s a Map for That Necklace in Gold is one of our favorites!

there's a map for that necklace

Travel hanging toiletry bag has 18 vertical Leakproof pockets, 2 Large zipped pockets, and a Tall mesh section.

Waterproof case measures 8.5″x4.7″x10.2”. 

travel hanging toiletry bag

Sloth zippered travel wallet. A zippered travel wallet is a must-have for every woman who travels.

It’s an essential item that can be used to store your passport, credit cards, and cash securely while you’re on the go.

sloth travel wallet

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