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They say your twenties are made for struggling. I can attest to that. Early adult hood is hard. Suddenly your (mostly) on your own own, budgeting your part time paycheck on a “full time” wish list all the while figuring out a way to pay for books that cost more than your first car each semester. Factor in that people actually expect you to buy your own food (what is this?!) and pay your rent and utilities and suddenly living with mom and dad doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Yet we all continued to forge on – because a night or three without electricity seems better than admitting we were wrong – and a great many lessons are learned along the way.With the meager amount I made at the video store  I quickly learned the importance of budgeting my monthly bills each payday. Unfortunately budgeting didn’t help when I wasn’t prepared for bills that can surprise you – like my first electricity bill each winter, or the time I went WAYYY over on my monthly data. While there isn’t much we can do about the onset of winter there is something those on a budget can do about their cellphone service.

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Straight Talk Wireless from Walmart provides college students (anyone, really) service plans that includes 3GB of high-speed data, unlimited talk and unlimited texts for $45 a month.

Do you know what you can do with 3GB of data? That is equal to:

  • 105 hours of Pandora
  • 2,460 webpage views
  • 41,900 emails
  • 1,920 Flickr image uploads
  • 153 hours of Facebook browsing
  • 85 hours of Google Maps usage 

Straight Talk Wireless offers the same phones and same nationwide coverage on the networks you’re used to for about half the cost. They also boast the most high speed data of any $45 unlimited plan.  Their service allows you to keep your phone, your number and your network with the Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone program. 

A pay-as-you go plan offers the flexibility and convenience a college student requires with a healthy amount of data for the music, Facebook and email habits. 

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  1. Well this super awesome! I wish they would have had something like this when I was in college! I love it when college kids can catch a break, since school is so expensive!

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