Best Jewelry for Travelers: Keep it Simple and Versatile

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From getting tangled to losing it along the way, jewelry can be a hassle to bring along with you. These pieces are our picks for best jewelry for travel because they are affordable and versatile.

Often times, travel is not about convenience or comfort. It’s about the experience, the adventure, the spontaneity. This can sometimes mean the journey is exhausting and frustrating, so the last thing a weary traveler wants to do is haul over-packed suitcases on flights, in cabs and from one hotel room to the next.

However, traveling also means trying to look presentable while you are living out of a bag, so when it comes to accessorizing with jewelry, it is important to keep it light and easy. Jewelry adds the final, polished touch to a look, but it is often the last thing a traveler thinks to pack.

best jewelry for travel

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Avoid Tangles

A necklace is a great embellishment to an outfit. Choose necklaces that don’t tangle easily or one that can be worn in multiple ways. A unique piece can make a bold statement and be the perfect addition to your look. Add a pop of color or some detailing with one of these necklaces.

best jewelry for travel

This multi-layer necklace from Jane is a great piece to add dimension to your outfit.

best jewelry for travel

Give your look some fun color and an interesting accessory with this poppy necklace from Stella & Dot.  

best jewelry for travel

This sterling silver Love Your Forever necklace from Soufeel is simple but beautiful, and it goes with a variety of outfits. 

best jewelry for travel

Stella & Dot has come up with this funky necklace that can be worn a variety of ways and even turned into a bracelet – one of my favorite travel pieces for sure!

Wear It On Your Sleeve 

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to wear a necklace, go with a great bangle or a set of bracelets. They will still add a nice statement, and they are easy to toss in your luggage. 

best jewelry for travel

Leather bracelets are a good choice it you aren’t much of a jewelry wear-er. Jane offers up a variety of colors and designs that are comfortable and perfect for travel. Stack them or wear them alone. 

best jewelry for travel

Stella & Dot makes this chic Wave Bracelet. It is sleek and charming making it a dainty accessory for a busy traveler. 

bracelet e1522037655724

If you want a little sparkle while you are jumping planes, the Pavé Protective Eye Cuff from Stella & Dot is lightweight and offers some shine. 

best jewelry for travel

Jane offers this trendy minimal bracelet collection that features these interesting designs in warm colors. 

Don’t Forget Your Digits 

You don’t have to wear your expensive rings while traveling. Opt for easy, simple rings. You can even choose from a variety of rings to wear in place of your wedding rings just in case you don’t want to bring it along with you. 

best jewelry for travel

Pura Vida makes this wonderfully, simple rose gold wave ring design. It is a soft, feminine touch…And each purchase helps local artisans from Costa Rica.

best jewelry for travel

We love this unique gold feather ring because adds a little color and unique shape.  

Screen Shot 2018 03 25 at 9.20.06 PM

For a more formal look go with these beautiful stackable rings from Stella & Dot. Where them together or on multiple fingers. 

ring e1522038226931

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember to have fun with accessories and let your personality shine through with this cute wise owl ring.

Dirty Hair Distraction 

I opt for an updo most often when traveling. It helps hide the fact that I haven’t styled, brushed or even washed my hair. When you pair an updo with a great pair of earrings, it makes your whole look seem a little more pulled together and helps distract from dirty hair. 

Pair these with our list of cute hairstyles that travel well and you’re set.

metallic earrings

A metallic dangle makes for a chic statement piece that can be worn with your leggings or a dress. Choose from one of the four colors.


We love these rose-gold pearl earrings because they are a light and simple earring that can easily be accompanied by gold or silver jewelry. 

Screen Shot 2018 03 25 at 9.55.54 PM

If dangle earrings aren’t your thing, try this Solitaire Stud pack. Simple, and classic – you’ll have both silver and gold covered. 

pura vida bracelets

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