The Best Surf Spots in Mexico

If you’re looking for some excitement on your next vacation, nothing beats the thrill of a surfing adventure. There are heaps of sun-kissed destinations to choose from, but Mexico offers unbeatable conditions in a paradise setting. With something for both the novice and shredder, here’s a guide on the best surf spots in Mexico.


Playa Delfines, Cancun

Otherwise known as Playa del Mirador, this is one of the few spots in Cancun to catch a wave. Travel to any one of the neighboring beaches, and you’re more likely to find kite-surfers taking advantage of the on-shore winds. Conditions in the region can be inconsistent for surfing, but this beach picks up most of the swell. In fact, for those with a little patience, you can enjoy 3 to 5ft waves. The area is also home to the state’s surf school offering hire rental and expert tuition.

La Caleta, Puerto Vallarta

A once tiny fishing village, Puerto Vallarta has since transformed into a world-renowned surfing mecca. Attracting thrill-seekers since the early 60s, it’s regarded as one of the iconic surf spots of Mexico. Although there are heaps of beaches to choose from, La Caleta is a must-visit. Situated only 2 miles north of Chacala beach, its best reached via a fishing boat. This break is famed for its neverending wave, which is said to be as long as a football field, on a good day.

best surf spots in mexico

Sayulita, Nayarit

Ever heard of the Mexican surf champion, Diego Cadena and Calle Carranza? Both were born and raised at this versatile break. If it’s good enough for the pros, it’s good enough for you. Beginners can start out on the gentle breaking right-hand wave before making the transition to the faster left. Also situated close to laidback Puerto Vallarta, visitors should make time for the nearby attractions. From visiting the colonial sights to scuba diving and sampling the local nightlife, there’s more to the region than its glorious swell.

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Established in 1928, this scenic port was better known for its coffee trade before the surfers showed up. Now it’s gained a reputation as one of the country’s most impressive breaks. For the advanced surfer, a hollow beach break offers the chance to practice some tube riding. The region is also popular for its surprisingly cheap accommodation where you can rent a beach bungalow for as little as $25 per night.


Los Pascuales, Cuyutlan

Often overlooked by holidaymakers, the scenic coastline of Cuyutlan is guaranteed to impress. Here you’ll find black sand beaches and plenty of uncrowded waves. At the stretch known as Los Pascuales, conditions remain favorable throughout much of the year. Sometime swell even reaches heights of 8ft. The nearby oceanfront promenade is a great place for a seafood feast, best washed down with some local tequila.

Be sure to visit some of these places and you’ll be guaranteed an unforgettable stay. With great surf, friendly locals and plenty of sunshine, Mexico holidays have never looked so good.

Images by Pixabay used under the Creative Commons license. 

16 thoughts on “The Best Surf Spots in Mexico”

  1. Cuyutlán is one of my favorite places. It’s super rural but that is what I like. They call the wave the Ola Verde because of the green hue it gets in the afternoon when it’s backlit. You will drink liters of coconut water every day. Make sure to eat at Mario’s enremada.

  2. I have heard a lot about Mexico, but never know they have some great spots for surfers as well. I am sure there is going to be so much fun & excitement for surf lovers visiting there.

  3. I would love to visit those surf spots in Mexico! Even though I am not really into surfing, just watching the beach waves is more than enough for me. Love it!

  4. I haven’t tried surfing yet ’cause I don’t know how to swim. I’m sure my husband would love to try surfing one of these days. Mexico sure looks like a great destination for it.

  5. I would love to visit those places! I want to see a person actually surfing right before me. It would be awesome for sure!

  6. i never tried surfing before but this is on my bucketlist! thanks for he ideas where to do it! trave land do surfing

  7. Oh Mexico! Would love to head to Mexico at some point in life. I’ve never been. Would love to check it out though. Not sure I’d surf but I guess I will try just about anything once!

  8. NICE! I don’t surf but it would be nice to see these spots when I find myself in Mexico. I’m pretty sure there will surf instructors anyway. Thanks for sharing this list!

  9. I must be going to the calm waters of Mexico because I did not realize that it is actually a surfing attraction! I have been to Cabo (known for its fishing) and Cancun (more calm water), but I have to check out those places you mentioned!

  10. yes, of course Mexico is a great Spring Break and those are awesome tips for surfers. Since we travel with toddlers, we avoid those areas but till in Mexico and beautiful as ever.


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