13 Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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I know guys think women are hard to shop for, but when trying to find the perfect gift for your groomsmen, it may seem the opposite is true.

Sure, you can always get them cuff links or a flask, but how many do they really need? Do you really want to give them a gift that’s just going to end up in the bottom of a drawer or a box in the attic?

I would be more inclined to give my groomsmen a gift they can actually use or appreciate – like a personalized sign for the man-cave or even a miniature foosball table.

Try thinking outside of the box and choosing gifts that compliment their personal interests.

I came up with ten unique groomsmen gift ideas for the guys in your life that are sure to be appreciated and used long after the wedding is over.

Baseball Canvas Print

No proper man-cave is complete without two things 1) a sign declaring it’s his 2) sports memorabilia. Killing two birds with one and solidifying my status as the “cool wife” sells this one for me.

Baseball canvas print

Personalized Rawlings Baseball and Display Case

While the name and your wedding date is nice, another idea is for the groom to instead personalize the baseball with a phrase that has meaning to their friendship. Something like “We’ll always have Lake Shasta”.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Embroidered Cooler Chair

While I wouldn’t give one of these cooler chairs to my bridesmaids I know the guys would appreciate them on a day at the beach, a BBQ or on the golf range – especially on the golf range.

Embroidered cooler chair

Artist Designed Tequila

If you don’t take my word for it and decide to go with the cuff links anyway, sweeten the deal with some artist designed tequila too.

Tequila Luchador Bottles

Personalized Beer Mug

What’s a man cave without a regal silver beer mug

Personalized beer mug

Man Card Bottle Opener

Honestly, whats not to love about this mancard bottle opener? Both funny and practical.

10 Unique Groomsmen Gifts

2 in 1 Cigar Holder and Flask

This cigar holder and flask combo gift makes me think of Bond, James Bond. I like that it’s a little bit stealthy and a fun spin on a two classic gifts.

2 in 1 cigar holder flask

Razor and Brush Shaver Stand

I love the classic appeal of this shaving kit gift. It also makes me think of James Bond but circa 1962, Sean Connery.

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Mini Foosball Table

My groomsmen are a competitive bunch and this mini foosball game would be right up their alley.

10 Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Whiskey Stones

Soapstone whiskey stones are a must-have for fine whiskey and bourbon drinkers. A great way to chill a drink without watering it down. Although I would personalize it by presenting them in an engraved box.

10 Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Railroad Stake Knives

Coolest Groomsmen’s knives ever! This incredibly unique knife is more than a tool, it’s a beautiful work of art. It has been hand forged by blacksmiths with a beautiful twist design. You can even personalize with a message, date, name, or initials to make it truly special. 

Fun and Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas
Knives made from Railroad Stakes by Northern Crescent Iron on Etsy

Forged Bottle Opener

Hand forged in fire, this Forged Bottle Opener by NazForge on Etsy opener is made to last and will be a reminder of your big day every time your buddy opens a cold one.

I love the mix of steel and copper’s natural colors, this useful, fun item puts a lot of value on both of those materials.

Fun and Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener from Killorglin Creations on Etsy is a Classic “Old School” Bottle Opener engraved with your personalization and powder coated in black.

15 fun and unique groomsmen gift ideas

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