The Best and Worst Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

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Valentine’s Day has become a magnet for cliché presents that most women don’t want. News flash guys, if you are going to buy us a Valentine’s Day present, try to put a little thought into it.

We don’t want anything you bought at the grocery store or cutsie gifts from the gas station. If you can’t think of anything for Valentine’s Day, here is what you should and shouldn’t buy this year.

What We Don’t Want – Heart Shaped Jewelry

We don’t want heart shaped jewelry you can buy alongside groceries. It isn’t personal or thoughtful, and most women appreciate a gift that fits her personal style not something that looks like it came out of a gumball machine.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for women

What We Do Want – Meaningful Jewelry

While diamonds are always well received, jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be meaningful. You get extra points if you buy jewelry from a charitable organization.

Check out this list from Good Trade to find Fair Trade Jewelry Collections like this necklace from Nisolo which works with artisans from Peru and Kenya.

What We Don’t Want – Weight Loss Aides

Unless we explicitly tell you we want a gym membership or a diet cookbook, do not, under any circumstance purchase something which implies you want us to lose weight. Even if we openly talk about wanting to lose weight, we don’t want our partner to agree.

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What We Do Want – Technology That Will Motivate

Get us something that will help motivate us without being an obvious gesture. These Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless Earbud Headphones are perfect for working out.

These wireless headphones have up to 4 hours of listening per charge (with 2 additional charges on the go from the case!), easy fingertip control of calls, music, and voice assistant through touchpads on each earbud (including  one tap access to Google Assistant or Siri) and Two-Mic Beam technology for high-quality voice pick-up even in noisy conditions. My favorite feature is Smart Pause which makes your music pauses the second you remove an earbud…and then resume as soon as you put it back in!

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To be honest, I normally avoid these bud type earphones, choosing something over-ear as I have an issue with them falling out when running. I have NEVER found a pair that actually stays put through a workout until now. These earphones come with slim, lightweight design ear tips in 4 sizes for all day comfort and that actually STAY PUT! Add in that these have incredible dynamic “as if you were there” sound and I’m hooked.

Pick them up at Best Buy. (Ladies – these are also great gift ideas for you hubby!)

What We Don’t Want – Stuffed Animals

Seriously? I do not know any adult woman that wants a stuffed animal. Does your lady have a stuffed animal collection? Is the bed covered with furry, stuffed friends? No? Then don’t get her a stuffed animal.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for women

What We Do Want – Something We Will Actually Use

If you are completely stuck on what to buy, shop on Etsy. They have a ton of fun and adorable ideas for Valentine’s Day like these personalized bath bombs from Two Brothers And Olivia.

What lady wouldn’t love to pamper herself with a donut!

What We Don’t Want – Lingerie

Come on…We know this present isn’t really for us. Buying intimates for a woman can be very tricky because sizing is never easy and women are pretty particular about their under garments.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for women

What We Do Want – Something We Will Enjoy Wearing

Honestly, buying any kind of garment for a woman can be a gamble. If your lady has been hinting at some new clothes, companies like Stitch Fix offer gift cards. That way your sweetie can use a personal stylist to pick out clothes just for her.

If you still prefer to buy something sexy, websites like Adore Me offer a huge selection of styles and sizes. Be sure to check out her size before you order anything. They also have free shipping and exchanges within the U.S., just in case you don’t get it right.

What We Don’t Want – Candy

This is another impersonal idea for the woman in your life. It just shows you didn’t put in much effort.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for women

What We Do Want – A Romantic Evening

A romantic evening doesn’t have to mean reservations at a five start restaurant. How about a home cooked meal that we didn’t have to make or clean up?

Whip up our favorite dinner or even bring home take out from our favorite place and enjoy a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home. No crowds or overpriced food and wine just a romantic evening together.

It might make it even more special if you do a few loads of laundry without having to be asked.

What We Don’t Want – Kitchen Accessories

I vividly remember the year my father bought my mother new dish towels for Valentine’s Day, and the week of passive aggressive complaints from my mother that ensued. Valentine’s Day is about showing the person you love that you are thinking of them.

It is supposed to be sweet and romantic. Don’t buy them dishtowels even if they need them.

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What We Do Want – Something From The Heart

This year, just remember to give the woman in your life something that says I know you. We want something personal that tells us you do in fact listen to us from time to time.

If you really can’t come up with any ideas, a big bouquet of flowers is always a great fallback idea.

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