Halloween Costume Ideas for Fat Guys

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Dressing up for Halloween is always a blast, but finding the right costume can be a challenge, especially if you’re a big guy. We’ve found that the best thing you can do is embrace your plus size and use it to your advantage!

While most guys focus on how to show off their muscles on Halloween, fat guys have a different challenge: how to make their gut look good. After all, no one wants to be the guy who looks like he ate too many candy bars before he went out trick-or-treating.

Fortunately, we have a few Halloween costume ideas that can help fat guys look their best on Halloween. If you’re looking for a halloween costume that will fit you like a glove (pun intended), check out our list of ideas tailored specifically for guys who are carrying a few extra pounds.

Halloween costume ideas for fat guys -  - Halloween Costume Ideas for Fat Guys

From superheroes to movie characters, we’ve got you covered! And the best part is that most of these costumes can be created using items you probably have lying around your house.

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Fat Guys

So, without further ado, here are our top 10 halloween costume ideas for fat guys:

  1. Super Mario. This one is a Nintendo classic! Just put on a red shirt and some overalls, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your mustache and terrible Italian accent.
  2. The Michelin Man. This one is as easy as donning a white t-shirt and pants combo. Stuff your arms and legs and tie some white string around your legs and arms to create that distinctive Michelin Man look. Top it off with a blue sash.
  3. The Pillsbury Doughboy. This one is sure to be a hit with the ladies! This iconic baking character is not only plump and adorable, but he’s also easy to imitate. All you need is a white shirt, white pants, and white shoes. To get the Doughboy’s signature look, simply stuff your shirt and pants with pillow. For the finishing touches, add a chef’s hat and a white neckerchief scarf. Don’t forget to practice the infamous “giggle”. For a one and done option, check out this inflatable Pillsbury Doughboy costume – love it!
  4. Santa: Everyone loves Santa Claus! This costume is perfect for fat guys, as it allows you to show off your jolly belly. All you need is a red shirt, overalls, black boots, Santa hat, and a white beard. If you don’t have a beard, no worries – you could make one out of cotton balls. Carry around a big red sack and give out gag gifts to your friends!
  5. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: One of the all-time classic movie monsters from Ghostbusters, this one is sure to please. Start off with a white jumpsuit and some stuffing material. Once you’ve got those things, you’ll need to add the signature touches of a blue sailor collar with a red handkerchief and a sailor hat. Now you’re ready to terrorize Halloween partygoers with your giant, puffy self!
  6. Mr. Incredible: This costume is perfect for the guy who wants to show off his muscles – or lack thereof. All you need is a tight-fitting red shirt and pants, plus a black belt and gloves. Don’t forget the mask! The spouse and kids can easily join in on the Pixar Incredibles theme too!
  7. The Hamburglar: This one is perfect for guys who want to show off their gut. Start with a white t-shirt and add some black stripes down the sides. For the pants, simply wear your favorite pair of jeans (or khakis). Add a black eye mask and a hamburger-patterned handkerchief around your neck, and you’re all set!
  8. Bane: If you’re looking for a costume that’s both scary and fat-friendly, look no further than Bane. This supervillain from the Batman franchise is not only muscular, but he also has a bit of a gut. For the costume, you’ll need a black shirt, pants, and boots. The signature piece is the leather face mask, which you can either buy online or make yourself out of paper some faux leather scraps.
  9. Fat Thor: For the Marvel fans, we have one of my favorite characters – Fat Thor. This costume is perfect for guys who want to be comfortable and plan on holding a can of beer all night anyway. You’ll need some plaid pajama pants, a dirty not so white t-shirt, a Norwegian wool sweater cardigan, fingerless gloves and dark black sunglasses. And of course the most important part of the costume is the hair and beard, which you can buy online or make yourself. Don’t forget to practice your favorite Best Funny Thor Quotes and if you want to really go all out, bring along Stormbreaker too!
  10. Wreck-it-Ralph: This one is perfect for Disney fans. Start off with a green shirt and layer an orange t-shirt over it. Wear brown or burgundy overalls and remember to only buckle one side! For the finishing touches, add some crazy brown hair and really big fist hands.

So there you have it – our top halloween costume ideas for fat guys! We hope you found inspiration from this list and that you have a happy and safe Halloween. Thanks for reading.

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What are your favorite halloween costumes? Do you have any other suggestions for fat guys? Let us know in the comments below!

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