4 Free Printable Letters to Santa + How To Get a Reply

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Keep the magic of Santa alive. Use one of these 4 Free Printable Letter to Santa templates and then follow the instructions to get a “reply” postmarked from the North Pole!

My daughter has been mentally working on her Christmas list since Halloween but in these last few days, after the passing of Thanksgiving, it’s taken on quite a frenzy.

All the biggest toy catalogs have been examined, holiday toy commercials analyzed, Elf on the Shelf is ready to make its appearance, and the American Girl catalog has notes on every page.

Maybe it’s because Santa was such a long time ago for me, or maybe it’s because she is our first, but I had no idea what serious business this Christmas list is!

3 free printable letter to santa

Now that the final, final, FINAL draft of the list has been made, I thought it might be fun to create a printable letter to Santa for her to fill out.

Then I couldn’t decide exactly which format I liked so I created three Letter to Santa printable templates to share with you all.

These cute letters to Santa have been designed specifically for children who love Christmas and love Santa Claus. They are all simple and short so that even young children can complete it.

You could use it as part of an early holiday craft project, or maybe even hand it out at a party as a gift to the parents too. Either way – it will be sure to make some smiles on everyone’s faces.

If you’re not certain about doing Santa traditions with your children, or if your children are old enough to learn the truth about Santa, check out how this family does Santa traditions with their kids, even if they don’t believe.

*New for 2021* Free Printable Letter to Santa

We’ve just added a brand new, easy to download and print PDF letter to Santa that even comes with a cute matching envelope too! You can download it here.

Letters to Santa FB Mockups

The envelope is pre-addressed to the official USPS Operation Santa program, if you’d like to have a kind soul “adopt” your child’s letter and try to fulfill their wish. It’s an awesome program!

However, if you aren’t in need of help this holiday season, I suggest NOT actually mailing your child’s letter. Pretend like you mailed it and then keep it and use it to write Santa’s reply on the back!

Find out how to get an official North Pole postmark and have it arrive in the mail too below.

3 More Free Printable Letters to Santa

Our free printable letters to Santa are easy to use.

Simply click the button below to download all three and choose which one you’d like to print. Easy Peasy!

The “Early Spellers” Free Printable Letter to Santa

Letter to Santa 3

I created this Naughty or Nice Santa Letter especially for my kindergartner.

She is working hard at early reading and writing skills so I didn’t want the list to be too much work for her – it should be fun, after all!

The bottom space is great for drawing Santa pictures or if she is feeling ambitious, she can continue her list.

The “Balanced” Santa Letter

Letter to Santa 2

The idea that Santa will not get you everything on your list was something shared in our home often growing up.

Santa always got us one of our “wish list” items but we also always received clothes and something we needed.

I think this fill in the blank letter for Santa is perfect for creating that idea of balance and also a great discussion starter for the concept. 

The “Open” Santa Letter

Letter to Santa 1

This printable Dear Santa letter template is perfect for older kids or those like mine who want to get straight to the point and maximize space for their list – like I said, it’s serious business!

How do I get a free letter from Santa?

While you could pay for a service to get a letter from Santa, I really prefer this method.

Just follow the directions below to get your letter “FROM Santa” postmarked and sent to your child in the mail from the North Pole.

Not only is it free (except for the cost of postage), but it allows you to create a response that is totally personalized and even hand written.

This is because YOU will write the letter or Santa’s response (so make sure you read your child’s letter before they send it!)

It’s also easy to pull off these Santa letters since it really arrives in the mail!

How do I get a free postmark from the North Pole?

Now that the kids have created their list, it’s time to get them mailed and receive a response from Santa!

Printable Letter to Santa pinterest NEW

The USPS has a great system in place that allows parents to help Santa reply to their kids letter and receive a postmarked envelope with an official North Pole postmark. 

Step 1: Have your child write a letter to Santa and then address their letter to “Santa Claus, North Pole”.

Stamp and mail the letter.

Or, if you’re like me, fake mailing it and keep the letter for your child to open when they are older. (I’m thinking it would be a great surprise graduation or wedding gift!)

Step 2: Write “Santa’s” reply on a new piece of paper or better yet, write it on the BACK of your child’s letter to Santa.

Put it in a standard-sized envelope addressed to your child and marked FROM Santa Claus, North Pole and seal it.

Don't forget to place 1st class postage on this envelope! 

TIP: Have a friend write it or just use the computer so that handwriting can’t be recognized.

Step 3: Put this reply letter in a larger envelope and mail it to:

North Pole Holiday Postmark
4141 Postmark Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99530-9998

Santa’s “reply” will be mailed to you with a special North Pole postmark!

We recommend sending your letters by December 1 so that they can be received by the Anchorage, AK, Postmaster no later than December 10. Santa’s helpers in Anchorage, AK, will take care of the rest!

We hope you enjoy our free printable Santa letter templates and have a wonderful holiday this year!

Do you have more free printables I can download for my child?

Yes, we do! I love creating free activities and printables for children of all ages – adults too. Some worksheets are educational and some just plain for fun.

Check out the Free Printables section of the blog and be sure to check back often as I try to add new free worksheets weekly.

We also just launched a Crafts and Printables blog dedicated to fun DIY crafts and printables for everyone.

You’ll find a variety of activities like sewing tutorials, home DIY projects, paper crafts, printable planners, educational worksheets, easy holiday crafts for kids and so much more.

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