Back to School is on just about every parent’s mind right, but what about the younger children who aren’t quite ready for school yet? While it is easy to get caught up in preparing your school age child for the new year, it is never too early to start encouraging play learning with your child that isn’t headed to the classroom. A child’s brain development is the most significant during the first three years of life making it a crucial time to introduce them to basic concepts, and parents are stepping up to the task by purchasing educational toys for toddlers.

Educational Toys for Toddlers

According to a recent study, 66% of parents believe that educating their child is their primary responsibility. That is why over 75% of parents have reported that they have bought an education toy in the last year. Learning Resources is eager to create toys that encourage educational play. They want to empower parents to help their children Learn Through Play Every Day so they can grow with confidence in order to take on the world.

Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

This set will prompt your child to tap into their critical thinking and problem solving skills. They can create a variety of maze designs the mouse must work through to get the cheese. Using coding cards and a programmable mouse, this STEM based toy is an interactive way to get kids to learn about technology.   

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Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set, 41 PiecesLearning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set, 41 Pieces

Alphabet Acorns Activity Set

Kids will love to play with these Alphabet Acorns! Inside each is a fun little object that starts with the corresponding letter on the acorn. It is a great way to practice their letters while they play. 

Alphabet acorns help children learn letter identification and much moreAlphabet acorns help children learn letter identification and much more

Counting Dino Sorters Math Activity Set

Each dino egg has a number on the outside, and on the inside are little dinosaurs that correspond to the number on the front. They can practice their counting using these eggs with fun surprises on the inside. 

Learning Resources Counting Dino-Sorters Math Activity Set, 65 PiecesLearning Resources Counting Dino-Sorters Math Activity Set, 65 Pieces

Smart Market

Kids can play grocer and chef with this market set. The brightly colored variety of foods will inspire imaginative play. 

Learning Resources New Sprouts Deluxe Market SetLearning Resources New Sprouts Deluxe Market Set

Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

Start working on math skills as well as teaching financial basics to kids. This pretend and play calculator is a great way to teach kids the value of money and everyday math skills. 

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register, 73 PiecesLearning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register, 73 Pieces

Gears! Gears! Gears! Cycle Gears

Gears are a great STEM toy that allow kids to create whatever they can think up. This cycle gears set is a fun and creative way to introduce kids to engineering. 

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Learning Resources Cycle Gears, 30 PiecesLearning Resources Cycle Gears, 30 Pieces

These toys are a great start to engaging your child in meaningful play that will help them prepare for their school years. Be sure to check out the Learning Resources Blog for great tips and easy ways to keep your child Learning Through Play Every Day. 

I was provided with product from Learning Resources, however opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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