20 Beautiful Beach Wedding Dresses You Can Buy on Etsy

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The biggest regret I have from my wedding day is that I didn’t get married on the beach. At the time, I was very young and not even sure who I really was, and I was certain if I didn’t have a “traditional” wedding, I would regret it.

Looking back on it, I realized we weren’t being true to who we were as a couple, and if we ever have our vows renewed it will be on a tropical beach somewhere. I will have flowers in my hair and wear a long flowing dress that will trail through the sand, and we will both be barefoot as we say our, “I do’s.”

There is something so peaceful and almost fantasy like about a beach wedding, and there are so many amazing venues today that embrace the beach wedding.

Even better, there are so many amazing wedding dress designs to make brides feel like a goddess as the cross the sand to their future.

etsy beach wedding dress

Beach Wedding Dresses on Etsy

Etsy has an amazing selection of gorgeous beach wedding dresses you will definitely want to check out if you are vowing your love for one another on a sandy beach somewhere.

From the elegant to all out bohemian, there is something to fit just your style.   

etsy beach wedding dress
Photo Credit Apilat Wedding

This stunning gown is all about the romance. Apilat Wedding has put together lace and chiffon in this ivory off-the-shoulder gown that has a graceful train that dances in heavenly swirls with the bride’s movements. 

etsy beach wedding dress
Photo Credit Beach Bridal Blisss

Lace is always a great classic vibe like this hi-lo cut dress from Beach Bridal Bliss. It combines just the right amount of beach, sexy, and fun for a sandy wedding.  

etsy beach wedding dress
Photo Credit Wear Your Love XO

Wear Your Love XO has an amazing variety of dresses like this one that is made with silk chiffon and stretch lace. It’s bohemian feel is flirty and elegant. 

etsy beach wedding dress
Photo Credit Armor Dress

If you prefer to show off your gams in your wedding dress, try this ruffled number from Armor Dress. The layered ruffles keep the feel light-hearted.

etsy beach wedding dress
Photo Credit Luna Bride

The lace detailing of this boho dress is sweet and to the point. Luna Bride has created this with beautiful backless gown that charming in its understated design.  

etsy beach wedding dress
Photo Credit Silk Brides

This silk dream will leave your guess breathless. Simple detailing and a gorgeous open back will leave any bride looking like a beam of light in this dress from Silk Brides

wear your love xo dress 8
Photo Credit Wear Your Love XO

This off-the-shoulder lace dress from Wear Your Love XO is so gorgeous I might just marry myself. 

beach dress 6
Photo Credit JuLee Collections

This design from JuLee Collections has a sexy lace back perfect for a sweeping up do and the full skirt will drape gracefully as you make your way across the sand to your dearly beloved. 

dress 9
Photo Credit Amy New Bridal

Amy New Bridal has made this lovely strapless gown that will make any bride feel like they are in a fairytale. 

dress 10
Photo Credit Motil Bespoke Bridal

The soft feminine style of this gown by Motil Bespoke Bridal is fit for a queen and will make any bride believe in happily ever after. 

dress 12
Photo Credit Mila Bridal

This flowing chiffon dress from Mila Bridal will look right at home on the beach. 

dress 11
Photo Credit Sparkling Brides

An empire waist and soft lace details make for the perfect boho chic beach wedding look. Sparkling Brides has created this flirty lace gown.

dress 13
Photo Credit The Bride 2B

 You will feel like you have stepped out of Victorian romance novel in this feminine dress from The Bride 2B

dress 14
Photo Credit Apilat Wedding

For a more covered look, this white and nude tulle dress from Apilat Wedding offers a little more coverage for the blushing bride. 

dress 15
Photo Credit Beach Bridal Blisss

If you want to go completely away from a “traditional” dress, you might like this two piece design from Beach Bridal Blisss

dress 18
Photo Credit Forever Us 999

A sexy deep V like this gown from Forever Us 999 is a dramatic option to wear at the beach. 

dress 19 1
Photo Credit Batel Boutique Bridal

Most brides will overthink every detail, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. This adorable dress from Batel Boutique Bridal is simple and to the point. Just the right dress for a fun-loving bride that doesn’t want to overthink their dress. 

dress 20
Photo Credit Jennifer Hall Bridal

A crochet and lace bodice is paired with a beautifully flowing skirt on this gorgeous gown from Jennifer Hall Bridal

dress 16
Photo Credit Apilat Wedding

This ivory chiffon dress from Apilat Wedding has a soft, dreamy quality about it that goes perfectly with the waves of a beach wedding.

dress 17
Photo Credit Beach Bridal Blisss

 If you prefer something a little shorter for a beach wedding, Beach Bridal Bliss has this shorter, sassy tulle number. 

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  1. These are all pretty wedding dresses! I wanted to have a beach wedding but my parents said it has to be in a church, because marriage is a sacrament. If I learn of a relative or a friend that will be marrying soon, I will let them know about these beautiful dresses.


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