Ditch the Eggs. Try Alphabet Acorns for Easter Instead!

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Are you totally sick of eggs?! The last few years there has been a major egg craze with the wild varieties introduced that have candy, toys, and other surprises inside. 

Where were these when I was a kid?

Since Easter is coming up quickly, the colorful candy/toy filled eggs are strategically placed right at the entry way of the grocery store or at the checkout, and I do everything I can to keep my son from seeing them. They have everything from chocolate to his favorite cartoon characters packed with goodies, and I can’t seem to get through the store without my son having a meltdown about eggs!

It has happened so often lately that when my son is screaming “Eggs!” in the middle of the store, and people look at me with annoyance, I shrug it off and tell them, “He really likes omelets.

alphabet acorns easter egg alternative

This Easter, Learning Resources has saved me from egg madness. Instead of eggs packed with chocolate and toys that will be abandoned after a few hours when the sugar crash sets in, the Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns are a great Easter egg alternative that will keep those little hands busy for hours.

The acorns feature all 26 letters of the alphabet with a fun object on the inside that corresponds with the letter on the outside. The color of the tops matches the lettering and under each lid is the lowercase letter offering a great hands-on way to teach kids the alphabet.

alphabet acorns easter egg alternative

Have them practice the upper and lower case letters by matching the lids to the acorns and reassembling them with the correct toy. Then, they can stack the acorns to spell out words.

It is a great interactive way to teach them their letters and start working on spelling those beginner words.

alphabet acorns easter egg alternative

The Alphabet Acorns are the perfect gift for an Easter basket instead of pumping them full of chocolate and silly toys.

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