When Childhood Vacations Fuel Imaginative Play

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What do you want your children to remember about their childhood?

As moms we want our kids to look back on their childhood as a time of wonder and fun. It is why we go out of our way to make them feel special and will go to any length to make happy memories.

It is why we dream up magical family vacations where the days are filled with excitement and new adventures.

playmobil ski lodge

As a family that lives to hit the slopes, our ski vacations are some of our happiest memories, and I am always looking for a way to let my son relive those memories in between our trips.

The PLAYMOBIL Ski Lodge has become one of my son’s favorite toys. Not only does it remind him of all of our family ski trips, but it gives him the chance to use his imagination to play.

Each time he plays with the ski lodge, he recalls a detail from one of our trips and will run to ask me, “Mom, do you remember that time…?” It makes us both smile. 

playmobil ski lodge

The detail put into each PLAYMOBIL toy never ceases to amaze me, and it is the great design that inspires imaginative play.

This two story snowy ski lodge comes equipped with a variety of amenities from seats and serving hatches to meals, drinks and even ski racks and a terrace! There are furnishings for the lodge like beds, a fireplace and a bathroom to turn the lodge into a functional resort.

playmobil ski lodge

Kids can spend hours playing with the lodge and skiers that are complete with skis, hats, scarves and even removable gloves. The skiers can use the snow shovels to clear off the terrace and enjoy lunch at the picnic table or relax in one of the lounge chairs.

PLAYMOBIL hasn’t forgotten anything on this Ski Lodge, and my son is thrilled by the careful attention to detail that gives it a much more authentic experience.

playmobil ski lodgeThese artfully created sets from PLAYMOBIL offer kids a new way to play. The details make their toys lifelike enough to revive some of those amazing vacation memories. I love that it is also encourages independent, imaginative play.

PLAYMOBIL prides themselves on their years of experience creating toys that introduce kids to new worlds, and it shows in the quality of their products. Children thrive on imaginative play. It is how they explore new concepts, workout their own daily thoughts and feelings, and even re-enact happy memories.

The PLAYMOBIL Ski Lodge has been one of our better toy finds, and it is a chance to remember our family vacations in a whole new way.

playmobil ski lodgeWe all want our kids to grow up remembering all of those little moments and the times we spent together as a family. PLAYMOBIL is helping keep those memories alive and encouraging one of the best parts of childhood – play!

The PLAYMOBIL Ski Lodge is just an introduction to the large variety of toys and play sets that kids will love. Let your kids savor the best moments of their childhood with toys that will allow them to enjoy the best parts.

Product was provided for purposes of this review, but all opinions remain my own.

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