16 Dinosaur Party Ideas that Will Make You Roar

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I confess, I could spend days on Pinterest looking for dinosaur party ideas for my kiddos. It’s extremely likely that I could plan all of their birthday parties for the next 10 years.

Of course, by then they might not be into mermaids or pirates, but who cares?

Last year, a few months before my son’s birthday, my neighbor suggested my son’s second birthday party revolve around dinosaurs. Not because he had any major interest in the pre-historic animals, but because she had some awesome ideas!

After taking a look at some of the dinosaur party inspiration she had found, I was hooked on the idea too.

So here our favorite dinosaur party ideas that are definitely worthy of a ROAR!

dinosaur party ideas awesome DIY dinosaur party ideas pinterest
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Dinosaur Party Ideas for Kids

Click through the links under each photo for DIY instructions and recipes so you can make these yourself.

how to make dinosaur eggs

We have a post on fun dinosaur play ideas. Check out our How to Make Dinosaur Eggs, Footprints Cookies and More.

dinosaur photo booth prop
credit: Namesake Design

Try setting up a photo booth to make your party unique. How much fun would a cut-out like this be?

Just grab an old Amazon box (come on, I know you have a bunch!) and get to work painting. If your artistic skills are lacking, there are some great pre-made Dinosaur Photo Booth options on Etsy.

Dinosaur Thank You Party Favor Tags

These super cute printable set of Dinosaur Thank You Party Favor Tags are perfect to decorate your party favor bags.

Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar
Photo credit: Catch My Party

This is one of the coolest party invitations I have ever seen! If you hand deliver them locally so you don’t have to pay for postage, these could turn out less expensive than store bought birthday invitations.

Supplies needed to make these:

You could pre-make these DIY Dinosaur Birthday Hats or set up a craft table so the kids can make one themselves.

diy custom dinosaur tshirt

If you have a craft cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cricut, you could make a custom dinosaur name t-shirt for the birthday child.

Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar
Source: Watermelon.org

This T-Rex inspired watermelon is almost too impressive to eat! Get the detailed how to carving instructions here.

Dinosaur Party Ideas
Credit: Pioneer Party

You have to make some veggies for the herbivores, so how about individual cups with ranch dip for less mess!

dinosaur party ideas dinosaur nuggets party display

Dinosaur chicken nuggets are a big hit in our house at lunch and dinner time. You can find these dino chicken nuggets at your local grocery store and then set them up in a scene like Jenn’s Blah Blah Blah Blog did.

volcano chocolate lava cakes

These molten lava cakes aren’t dangerous…unless you eat too many! Wants and Wishes gives a tutorial on how to make them here.

Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar
Credit:  Wants and Wishes Design

Staying in theme of what the landscaping and environment may have been like when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, Wants and Wishes Design also set up an interesting layered dessert bowl.

Everything in the dessert is edible. They used chocolate filled Oreos, gummy worms, candy dino eggs, and topped it with cherry candy balls!

Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar
Credit: Cake Central

Who said dinosaurs are extinct? This 3D dinosaur cake looks very real! Unfortunately there aren’t any instructions on how to make it, but you could try a local baker who specializes in fondant birthday cakes.

Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar
Credit: Play Create Explore

Every kid loves to play in sensory bins, especially when dinosaurs and fossils are involved. These are easy to make and could be placed on a few tables as activities.

I think these dinoculars are such a cute idea! There aren’t any detailed instructions, but it looks like all she did was cover some empty toilet paper rolls with patterned paper, and used a hole punch to put ribbon through.

Again, you could pre-make these or have the kids make them themselves at a craft table during the birthday party.

Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar
Source: Holiday Snob

Kids love to explore, so a dino dig is the perfect activity for a party! Ideas for things to hide in the sand: plastic dinosaur toys or these fun break open dino egg fossils. We show you how you can make these at home too here.

Dinosaur Party Ideas That Will Make You Roar

These cookies were made for a friend’s birthday party, by Sweet Goosie Girl.  They gave them to their guests as party favors!

dinosaur party ideas awesome DIY dinosaur party ideas pinterest
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