What is STREAM Education and How You Can Inspire Learning with Toys

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Learning is a lifelong process, but it all starts at home. As parents, one of the most important jobs we have is to encourage our children’s love for learning and growth.

Toys are an integral part of this process because they’re how little minds explore their world and develop skills that will help them in school later on.

One way you can inspire your children to learn more is with play-based toys that promote hands-on discovery. 

We all have a childhood memory of being captivated by toys. Whether it be from playing with them or just admiring the packaging, they can ignite our imaginations and spark creativity.

But today’s world is full of distractions – so how do we unlock this potential? And what are some ways to inspire learning through toys?

What does STREAM stand for in education?

We’re all pretty familiar with STEM learning by now, but what is this new STREAM education acronym we keep seeing popping up nowadays?

It stands for science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and math.

“STEM is basically the integration of Science, Technology, English, and Math. STEAM is the integration of STEM with an addition of A, which is Art. STREAM education is the integration of STEAM with and addition of R: Reading and wRiting, in the belief that students should have literacy to be able to communicate effectively which is an important aspect of human interactions.”

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Best educational toys for kids

Children can be inspired to learn if their parents make it fun and exciting for them. 

With the right toys, children will not only be entertained but also motivated to learn when they are in front of a screen or away from screens.

First off, let’s talk about what types of toys are best for kids. There are 3 main categories that we’ll be discussing: construction sets, blocks or building sets, and puzzles.

Construction sets provide an opportunity for creativity while also teaching the child spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

Blocks or building sets allow children to build buildings with their imagination without being confined by traditional shapes like squares or circles (or even triangles!).

Puzzles help develop reasoning skills as well as the ability to visualize objects that are the same even though they’re rotated or flipped.

What are E-Blox toys?

E-Blox is a whole new way to play and learn. Started in 2016 by a father and his two sons, E-Blox toys combine the best parts of play with technology and innovation to inspire learning.

As a STREAM toy, E-Blox encourages kids to think beyond the basics of play and become innovators.

My son was more than excited to try out these kits, and as a Mom, I was excited to see him thoroughly engaged.

If you are looking for toys that focus on STREAM learning and are more than just temporary entertainment, these kits are it.  

e-blox kit for stream learning

The kits have clear, concise instructions that are easy for kids to understand. They make it simple to take on their many projects and teach while doing so.

For ages 8 and up, the kits come with important safety information to ensure kids have a solid understanding of how basic electric currents work and all the dos and don’ts.

The Circuit Blox 

There is an LED switch, Lamp Switch, Motor switch and more. Arrange the blocks to bring the projects to life.

e-blox kit for stream education

The Circuit Blox set comes with electrical components to create 59 projects with lights, sounds, motors, and more.

Just use three AA batteries as the power source, and start arranging the blocks to make the modules work.

Kids combine reasoning and creativity as they are introduced to how electrical currents work.

e-blox kit stream toy

My son was thrilled to be able to see each module work.

Reading his way through the instructions, he was able to follow step by step from simple switches to more complicated, and he was surprised when it would all come together.

It kept him busy for hours, and I have to admit I was also pretty intrigued with the kits.

I am not usually one that enjoys playing with toys, but it was challenging and interesting to build the different modules.

While I thought I was sneakily adding learning to my son’s playtime, turns out playing with our E-Blox ended up becoming a family bonding activity too.

e-blox kit for stream learning

The color-changing fiber optics were one of his favorite parts of the kit. He was shocked when he made it light up, and he couldn’t get enough of interacting with the kit.

It is one of the few things I have seen him play with that gives him a sense of satisfaction and confidence.

Story Blox

The Story Blox set was interactive storytelling at its best!

It comes with a pamphlet detailing the adventures of Seymour and his robot Robyn.

Each page takes you a step further on Seymour’s journey as he tries to find out what is causing mysterious lights on a faraway island.

e-blox kit stream toy

There is even a QR code uncovering crucial information about his journey.

You can build eight different models that light up.

From Robyn the robot to Seymour’s Wicklow terrier named Glen and even a seahorse, this fascinating tale will have your kid building for hours.

You can even find island maps online and reveal a Morse code message! The learning is endless.

e-blox kit for stream learning

You need a 9-volt battery to make the models come to life while your kiddo learns and enjoys this epic adventure with Seymour.

With the battery and tin-plated blocks, each creation you build lights up – no wires needed! It adds a whole new level of learning to playtime.

Power Blox

Grab the Power Blox kit for even more building power! For use by itself, or as an add-on kit, Power Blox comes with 100 pieces and works with all other E-Blox kits to make epic creations.

I should probably mention that E-Blox are compatible with other brick building toys like LEGO, so they are perfect adding that perfect enhancement to your other builds too.

E-blox power blox kit

These kits are a family design that combines decades of personal experience as entrepreneurs and inventors.

Your kids will love playing, and they won’t even realize how much they are learning.

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