How to Make a DIY Gift Card Holder (Free Printable Template)

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Wow, you’ve got a lot of shopping left to do this holiday season! Deciding what gift to give someone can be overwhelming.

Gift cards are a great gift, but they can be hard to wrap and present in a creative way.

But don’t worry – we have a solution for you with our free DIY gift card holder template.

Making your own gift card holders look amazing and you can even hang it on the Christmas tree as an ornament too!

If you’re looking for an interesting way to present your gift card then consider our printable gift card holders.

Gingerbread man gift card holder printable craft (4)

This DIY Gift Card holder project is easy peasy with just 3 supplies needed – glue stick, scissors, and printer paper.

Are gift cards a good present to give?

Giving gift cards often get a bad rap. But why?

Some people may think they’re impersonal, they don’t come in a cute package with ribbons and bows, and worst of all, they imply that you didn’t put any effort into choosing a present for the recipient.

But the truth is, gift cards are among one of the most popular gifts out there for a reason.

gift cards

They not only make it easy for people to buy something nice without having to guess at someone’s taste or size, but people really do love receiving them!

It is perfect for those who are hard to shop for and gives them the freedom of choosing their own present.

Think about it: they will get to choose exactly what they want and won’t have the stress of returning something that doesn’t fit right or isn’t right for them. It’s a win – win.

How do you make a gift card holder out of paper?

It’s a lot easier than you think!

Our Gingerbread Man gift card holder template allows you to simply print, cut, fold and glue your way to a cute Christmas gift card sleeve in just a few minutes.

gift card holder template

You can even take it a step further by adding a small piece of ribbon to turn this into a Christmas tree ornament!

What materials do I need to make a gift card sleeve?

All you need is a printer, some heavy card stock paper, scissors and tape or glue for this super cute holiday craft.

If you want to make this an ornament, you’ll also need a hole punch and some ribbon or string.

DIY gift card holder template

Crafting tips for customizing your gift card holder

While this printable gift card holder is perfect on its own, you can very easily jazz it up and make it even cuter by adding some embellishments you may already have in your crafting bin.

Some ideas to create your own designs might be:

  • Use some cotton or pom poms to add onto the Santa Hat
  • Cut the scarf pieces from felt or fabric and glue them on
  • Glue real candy as the buttons
  • Glue on real buttons
  • Use clear glitter glue to add texture to the scarf
  • Use the third template to cut the gift card envelope from decorative scrapbook paper
  • Make paper bows or a real bow from a scrap of ribbon

Download a Free Printable Gift Card Holder Template

Our free gift card holder printable template craft was created with flexibility in mind.

Gingerbread Man Gift Card Holders Mockups (1)

This kit provides 3 options for making an adorable Gingerbread Man Reindeer Gift Card Holder Ornament.

  1. Full color print, cut, fold, glue and it’s done!
  2. Black and white version saves on ink and makes this a fun coloring project for kids
  3. Or you can cut out the individual elements to use as tracing templates onto colored card stock paper. Then cut your pieces out and glue in layers for a custom build your own craft. *If you use this method you can also cut the piece from crafting felt instead of paper, which will make this a keepsake!

When printing, you can choose to print at 100% or “fit to page” if your printer’s margins might cut some of the image off.

Either way, the template is already sized perfectly to fit standard sized gift cards.

How do you fold a gift card holder?

The instructions couldn’t be easier. Simply cut out our template and then fold on the dotted lines.

how do you fold a gift card holder

Use glue or tape to attach the folded sides and you’re finished! Insert your gift card and fill in the To: and From: information.

If you purchased an e-gift card for the holidays, you can print it out and then fold it nicely to fit in the gift card sleeve.

Do you have more DIY gift card holders?

Yes, I do! You can find more gift card sleeves in our shop like this cute Gingerbread Man with Santa Hat. Choose the one that you like best!

Gingerbread Man Gift Card Holders MockupsGingerbread Man Gift Card Holders Mockups

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