Powerful Benefits of Indoor Plants That Can Improve Your Life

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When you think about improving your health and wellbeing, the last remedy that might come to your mind is houseplants. 

In truth, research shows that indoor plants can enhance your life in many ways. 

From elevating your mood to purifying the air in your home, houseplants are miracle-workers for superior health and happiness. 

Oh, and if you think you need to have a “green thumb” in order to reap the benefits of indoor plants – think again. 

There are many varieties of plants that require very little maintenance and thrive within the home. 

So, read on for all the many ways indoor plants can improve your life.

How Houseplants Positively Impact Mental Health

It’s an understatement to say that most, if not all of us are going through some challenging times right now. 

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From political unrest to health-related anxiety, life can get bonkers and that can lead to significant mental strain. 

Luckily, houseplants can come to the rescue. In fact, according to scientific research, houseplants improve mood and productivity as well as increase creativity.


Medical studies show that certain bacteria in plant soil called Mycobacterium are known to trigger the production of serotonin in the body. 

This hormone is responsible for happier moods and the reduction of stress

So if someone tells you to interact and talk to your plants, don’t laugh, because they actually possess biological elements that can effectively boost your emotions.

Enjoy the beauty of plants

Let’s face it, houseplants are beautiful to behold. It’s a fact that when we view something aesthetically pleasing, our emotional state improves. 

Sure, indoor plants are a fabulous way to transform the appearance of a home and they make for classic decorative accents. 

However, something as simple as just looking at and enjoying houseplants can also be emotionally uplifting and energizing.


So get going on a decorative succulent project this weekend and start reaping the rewards of improved mental health with these lovelies in your home right away.

Nurturing Life

Taking care of plants is also a great way to improve your mental health.

Why? Because the care and maintenance of an organism that is wholly dependent upon you has a way of shifting priorities. 

In other words, nurturing a plant takes your mind off stressful situations and allows you to focus on the simple pleasures in life.

How Indoor Plants Can Improve Physical Health

Almost everybody knows that all plants produce oxygen which is essential to human health. 

But not everybody knows that these powerful companions also filter impurities out of the air. 

Through the process of photosynthesis, plants eat up toxins in the air such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, and other harmful impurities found within the home. 

As a matter of fact, an elegant angel wings plant, flowing fern or a perky pothos plant can remove up to 82% of impurities in your home environment according to houseplant studies conducted by NASA. 

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What’s more, indoor plants contribute to moisture levels in the house. They are natural humidifiers and reduce dry arid conditions indoors. 

This can help you avoid colds, sniffles, allergies, headaches, and fatigue – especially in wintertime.

Do you struggle with insomnia or sleepless nights

Houseplants can help with that too! Opt to place aromatic plants such as lavender, gardenia, or jasmine in your bedroom. 

Their soothing scent is a calming tonic to the senses, and they will help you relax into dreamland in no time.

Edible Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Lastly, and maybe the most overlooked benefit of indoor plants, is that some can provide healthy produce. 

Not all fruit-bearing plants will thrive indoors, but certain plants such as tomatoes, avocados, hot peppers, and citrus-bearing trees can provide you with health-boosting produce.  

For example, mandarin oranges and lemon trees do well when grown inside if they have enough sunlight.

These fruits are packed with vitamin C which helps you retain a healthy immune system and combat the common cold. 

windowsill herb garden

But perhaps the easiest and most often plants grown indoors are both culinary and medicinal herbs so consider starting an herb garden on a sunny windowsill. 

As your herbs grow, use them for cooking or brewing healing teas

Certain herbs such as salvia, sage, spearmint and lemon balm have been used for centuries as healing aids for all manner of ailments.

After reading the many benefits of having and tending to plants in the home it should be clear they render tons of health benefits for you and your family. 

Most of the plants mentioned here are easy to grow and the return on your investment is totally worth having them as helpful companions

So get some plants for your home today and start reaping the benefits these powerhouses provide in improving your mental and physical health.

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