13 Gorgeous Succulent Projects You Can Do This Weekend

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The benefits of having plants in your home are numerous. From increasing the quality of air in your home to combating disorders like SAD, plants like succulents are a smart decorating choice – even for those with a less-than-green thumb. Which is probably why they’re more popular now than ever. 

As long as you’re careful and diligent about their water intake, Succulents can live in just about anything: teacups, teapots, vases, mason jars, pallets, metal trucks, treasure chest and more! But before you go crazy, it’s important take a crash course in how to take care of succulents. 

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Watering is key

Succulents are a dessert plant which means they do well in hot environments with plenty of sunshine and little water. However, depending on the amount of sunlight they’re receiving and the type of pot they’re in your succulent may need more or less water than normal. However, the rule of thumb is to water them once a week in the summer and once a month in the winter. 

Purchase the right type of succulents

Some are more adaptable to living inside than others. A good rule of thumb is to start with the green plants. The more green they are, the better they do inside. Other colors like blue and purple require more care to survive inside and generally do better outside. 

13 Gorgeous Indoor Succulent Projects

Indoor Succulent Projects

Succulent Birdcage Planter

by Lois at Garden.Org

From card boxes to candle holders, bird cages have been part of many DIY trends lately but this may be my favorite trend of all. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Succulents in Tea Tins

by Sisoo

If you’re an avid tea drinker, up-cycle your favorite tea tins to home your favorite succulents. 

Tip: As your tea tin collection grows you can use cuttings from your other succulents to grow more. Line them on windowsills to give all of your rooms color and greenery. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Cacti and Succulents in a Bowl

by From Ezter with Love

Neutrals? What neutrals? We love all of the color happening here! While these are mostly cacti, you can also mix in succulents since they take about the same amount of water. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Succulents in a Wooden Planter

by Craft Berry Bush 

What a fun, earthy centerpiece for your patio furniture. Just make sure they’re protected from too much rain. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Monogrammed Succulent Decor

by P&G Everyday

I bet you’ve never seen a monogram like this. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

LOVE Monogram featuring Succulents

by Succulent Wonderland

Mix and match different types of succulents to create gorgeous works of art. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Vertical Pallet Succulent Garden

by Anythingology

This might be my favorite use to come out of the crazy pallet trend yet. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Succulents in Modern Urban Planters

by Urban Gardens

These succulents offer an earthy, industrial vibe if that’s such a thing? It is now. Plus, these awesome planters come for less than $30 and in a variety of metal choices. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Heart Shape  Succulent Wreath

by Pottery Green

There’s something whimsically beautiful about this heart-shaped succulent wreath. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Mini Succulent Garden in Glass Bowl

by Inspired by Charm

It’s hard to go wrong with classic glass terrariums. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Succulent Green Wall

by Cool Creativity

Picture this, framed succulents as part of your next gallery wall project. 

Indoor Succulent Projects

Wood Base Succulent Terrarium

by Project Wedding

The wooden base gives these earthy centerpieces an even more natural vibe. 


Indoor Succulent Projects

Layered Succulent Terrarium

by Home My Design

Don’t forget to get creative with the base of your succulent project.Play with color and texture as you layer soil and rocks, stones or glass beads. 

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