11 Easy to Grow Flowers and Plants for the Terrible Gardener

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Plants and flowers…I am their worst nightmare. If you are anything like me, I find it a challenge to keep any kind of plant alive. From amateur planting to forgetting daily watering, my garden is more of a flower graveyard. Yikes.

But like most women, all I want is a beautiful dream garden. I mean really, is this so much to ask for? This means I needed to research and find easy to grow flowers and plants. You know, the kind that can withstand a little neglect (not on purpose!).

easy to grow flowers and plants

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With spring in full swing, I want my garden to be a success this year which has led me to only the most resilient flowers. Here are 11 no muss, no fuss plants for the terrible gardener. A crash course, of sorts, for planting flowers for beginners.

easy to grow flower daylily


This flower is native to Asia, but it is a great addition to any garden. Daylilies come in a variety of colors and can withstand a lot of environmental hazards like drought.

But if you find tat you’re doing a great job or remembering to water, you’ll be well-rewarded with an increase in size and quantity of blooms. Garden goals!

easy to grow plant - fountain grass

Fountain Grass

These are perfect statement pieces in a garden. Because Fountain Grass is considered a tender perennial, they won’t regrow in certain cooler climates, but they will survive the summer in a sunny spot. They only need water about once a week to flourish.

easy to grow flowers hellebore


Plop these pretty flowers in moist soil where it is partly shaded, and these saucer shaped beauties will grow. Hellebore are animal pest and deer-resistant, however all parts of the plant can be toxic to children so keep this in mind when planting.

easy to grow flowers zinnia


These will bring an incredible pop of color to any garden. Native to areas of dry grassland, the Zinnia can withstand heat and lack of water. They require little maintenance and very little prep to plant. These also make great cut flowers and will allow you to bring the sunshine inside.

easy to grow plants philodendron


This common houseplant grows easily, and it is a nice accent on a trellis. Philodendron can also add lush volume to any garden.

I’m obsessed with the giant leaf varieties, but note that these are toxic to both humans and pets when ingested so if planting indoors, keep them out of reach of your fur babies.

easy to grow flowers morning glory

Morning Glory

Rich gorgeous tones define morning glories, and they grow like wildfire. Water Morning Glories when they get dry and use mulch to help retain soil moisture.

Morning Glories are low maintenance and easy to grow – but be sure to provide them with a trellis to climb for the ultimate wow factor.

easy to grow flowers snapdragon


These uniquely shaped flowers add dimension and height to a garden. Snapdragons bloom during cooler weather so they are at their best during spring and fall.

Once established, Snapdragons will grow lush and tall. For the best look, plant groupings of colors together instead of mixed throughout. You can also use them to create a focal point for your garden by planting them on their own in a large barrel or pot.

easy to grow flowers lamb's ear

Lamb’s Ear

The hairy leaves of the Lamb’s Ear lend to the plant’s name and keep it from losing water through evaporation. This means less watering and easy upkeep.

While they prefer zones 4-8, this adorable fuzzy plant can be grown almost anywhere. Fun fact: Lamb’s Ear leaves can be used as a natural “band-aid” helpful in healing wounds and with painful bee stings.

easy to grow flowers hosta


These perennials come in a vast range of colors and shapes. Their sunlight requirement is usually indicated by their color. The lighter they are the more sun they need, but most Hosta need at least a little shade.  

I actually planted these last year and was sorely disappointed when every.single.one that sprung was decimated by snails and slugs. Sadly I didn’t know that you could set up slug and snail traps with some beer, but I also had no idea that these guys would re-emerge this spring!

I was so excited so see them last week – a testament to how easy to grow these beautiful leafy plants are.

easy to grow flowers coleus


Add some peppy foliage with the coleus. It is easy to grow and relatively cheap to buy. The awesome colors of the Coleus add some vibrance and usually last well into fall.

Coleus are the ultimate weapon in an easy to grow garden because it can be planted just about anywhere from full sun to shade. Most flowers prefer sun, so if you are looking for pops of color in your north facing shade garden, Coleus is an excellent choice.

easy to grow flowers nigella


Just toss the seeds on some clean soil, and these unique flowers do the rest of the work. The start shaped Nigella is a wonderful addition to the newbie garden and is a very fast growing flower from seed. The interesting color and shape will make these a staple in all your future flower gardens.

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