5 DIY Ideas for Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

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DIY Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are easy to create and fun to wear. With these pirate costume ideas, you’ll be ready to go as one of the scurvy dogs in no time.

Pirates of the Caribbean is an American Disney film franchise based on characters created by novelist and screenwriter William Goldman. It is set in the fictional Caribbean island of Port Royal, where Captain Jack Sparrow leads a crew of buccaneers who plunder ships and cargoes.

The series began with the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003, and has since become one of the highest grossing films of all time.

Since then, the franchise has continued to expand into other media including television shows, theme parks, and video games.

The series follows the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, a former pirate who has become cursed with the ability to find buried treasure.

He teams up with his old crew members to fight against the evil captain Hector Barbossa, who seeks to capture the legendary Dead Man’s Chest.

The series is noted for its high production values, action sequences, special effects, stunts, humor, music, and visual style.

It also features an ensemble cast, with several actors reprising their roles from previous installments. The first four films were directed by Gore Verbinski, while the fifth and sixth films were helmed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.

*Warning, this post may contain some movie spoilers!*

DIY Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

The first film grossed $1.7 billion at the worldwide box office, making it the third highest-grossing film franchise of all time.

The second film, At World’s End, grossed $843 million, becoming the highest-grossing film of 2007.

The fourth film, On Stranger Tides, became the highest-grossing 2011 film, earning $1.2 billion.

The fifth film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, earned $1.063 billion, becoming the highest-earning film of 2017.

There are plenty of costume ideas out there for pirates, but not all of them fit every pirate’s style. Pirate costumes are not just for kids pirate birthday parties anymore. From adults to teens, there’s something for everyone in this collection of pirate costume ideas.

So here is a list of 5 DIY Pirates of the Caribbean outfits for our favorite characters, male and female, that will help you get your creative juices flowing and into living the pirate life. Don’t forget to learn how to talk like a pirate too!

We’ve seen the movies a gazillion times and think these Pirates of the Caribbean costumes are the best on all the seas!

Captain Jack Sparrow costume

Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is a former pirate turned privateer. He wears black eye patch over his left eye, which he lost during battle against Barbossa’s fleet.

His name comes from his nickname “Blackbeard” as well as being named after John Paul Jones’ ship HMS Bonne Citoyenne.

Sparrow lives aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, a vessel that belongs to him and Elizabeth Swann. He serves under Commodore James Norrington and later becomes captain when Norrington dies at sea.

When they are captured by pirates led by Captain Salazar, Sparrow escapes along with Will Turner and Elizabeth.

They meet up with Davy Jones, but their escape plan fails and they end up trapped on Devil’s Triangle.

After escaping, Sparrow joins forces with the Flying Dutchman crew led by Henry Avery and helps them defeat the Kraken.

Afterwards, Sparrow takes command of the Hispaniola for himself while she sails off to find her father.

DIY Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes Jack Sparrow

Just look at this amazing Jack Sparrow transformation. If you are a diehard Pirates of the Caribbean fan, try these techniques to become the ultimate Captain Sparrow.

A good Jack Sparrow wig is pretty easy to come by and Jacobs Leather has a replica of his hat. Be sure to order temporary Jack Sparrow tattoos to complete your look!

Elizabeth Swann costume

In the original film, Elizabeth Swann, played by Keira Knightley, is introduced as a young woman living aboard her father’s ship.

She falls for Will Turner, captain of another pirate vessel, but he betrays her when she refuses his advances.

After being captured by pirates led by Capt. Barbossa, she escapes captivity and joins forces with him against the evil Lord Cutler Beckett.

Her role in the plot is not revealed until near its end; however, it is hinted that she may be related to Edward Teach, or “Blackbeard”, whose real name was Bartholomew Roberts.

DIY Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes Elizabeth Swann

If you don’t want to wear a mustache, try dressing up like Elizabeth Swann.

A simple pair of boots, jacket and this pirate hat from Morganas Collection will easily recreate her look. 

Will Turner costume

Will Turner is a young man living in England during Elizabethan times.

He becomes friends with Captain Henry Avery after saving his life when he falls overboard while fighting off pirates led by Barbossa aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Will later joins Captain Jack Sparrow’s band of pirate followers as they sail around the world looking for buried treasure.

DIY Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes  Will Turner

The cursed Will Turner and his barnacles make for the perfect scary costume.

Grab a few of these pirate essentials from the bandana and belts to the jacket to get create Will Turner’s look. 

Then, take some tips from this makeup tutorial on how to make some amazing barnacles! 

Carina Barbossa (Smyth) costume

Barbossa is a doctor aboard the Black Pearl. Her father died when she was very little, so she grew up without parents.

Instead, she had a nanny named Nani who raised her well.

At first glance, she looks rather plain, but beneath her surface lies a strong-willed person who cares deeply about others. She later marries Hector Barbossa.

DIY Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes Carina Barbossa Smyth

This is one of the easiest female Pirates of the Caribbean halloween costumes to DIY. Just grab a simple blue dress and go as the beautiful and intelligent Carina Barbossa aka Carina Smyth.  

Captain Salazar costume

Salazar is described as “a tall man dressed entirely in black” by the scriptwriters; however, he wears a white shirt underneath his cloak during the third act.

He claims to be a descendant of Davy Jones, another famous sea villain.

As shown throughout the trilogy, he possesses supernatural abilities such as telekinesis, levitation, fire manipulation, and mind control.

Unlike Jones, though, he does not use these powers for evil purposes, instead using them to help save those around him.

During the events of Dead Men Tell No Tales, he becomes trapped inside the body of Henry Swann, while his soul remains imprisoned within Davy Jones’ heart.

However, when Henry’s own soul returns to its rightful place, both souls are freed, allowing Salazar to return home to find out what happened to his wife.

DIY Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes Captain Salazar

Maybe one of the creepiest characters from Dead Men Tell No Tales is Captain Salazar. Pull off his look with a sword and this fitted coat.

Go all out with makeup to design your own “undead” look. It was said that it took three hours a day to create the Captain Salazar look during filming. 

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