The Ultimate Pirate Lingo Guide

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Arr, mateys! If ye be lookin’ for a guide to pirate lingo, I’ve got ye covered. This post includes all the words you need t’ know to talk like a pirate like ‘Aye,’ ‘Avast,’ and more.

Did you know that Sept 19th is Talk Like A Pirate Day? What’s that…? You didn’t even know there was a Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Well, grab some grog and get ready to celebrate like a real pirate. 

Pirates are a tough bunch. They’re rugged and they don’t care what anyone thinks about them – except for when it comes to their lingo.

After all, if you can’t communicate with your crew in an effective manner then how will you be able to plunder the high seas?

If you don’t know any pirate lingo, below is a dictionary of a few words and phrases that are key to any pirate vocabulary.

Tips for Talking Like a Pirate

Ahoy, me hearties!

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and it be yer lucky day because I’ve got pirate advice for ye.

Ye can’t spend all day talkin like a pirate, but if ye do it right that’ll make life much more fun.

So here are three of my favorite tips that’ll help with the accent: 

  1. Don’t forget to use “arrrrr” at the end of every sentence 
  2. Add some “ya know”s to yer speech so ya sound more natural 
  3. Practice swagger walkin’ around the house with your treasure chest under your arm while you’re speakin’.

If ya want t’know how to make the day special then read on pirate. If not, then me pirate friends be waitin’ for ye below!

Pirate Lingo Dictionary


This word means a simple “hello”. Use this greeting to address all those you come into contact with during your day.

pirate flag


A demand meant to draw attention to something or tell someone to “stop”. Go ahead and yell it when you need your kids to stop misbehaving.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t understand what it means, they won’t listen anyway so it will be just like any other time you yell at them.


Use this in lieu of the word “yes”. It is used to show agreement.

Aye, aye

When paired with another “aye” this means, “I’ll get to it.” When your honey asks you if you are making dinner soon, tell him, “Aye, aye.”


This can pretty much be used in any context you prefer.

Whether you are agreeing with someone, expressing your satisfaction, or just nodding along in a conversation, it is pretty much a catchall grunt you can use as you see fit.


No, Beyonce is not a pirate. This word refers to stolen goods such as money and jewelry.

how to talk like a pirate lingo

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Briny Deep

This phrase refers to the ocean.

Cackle Fruit

Ask for some cackle fruit while you are at the grocery store, and see if anyone knows what you are talking about. This is the term used for chicken eggs.


This shortened version of the word Captain is meant as a sign of respect.

Go ahead and use it to address your boss, and see if they appreciate the term of endearment. Maybe you’ll get a raise.


A corsair is a pirate specifically from the Mediterranean. 

Davy Jones Locker

If you have never heard of Davy Jones Locker, Spongebob has a pretty good episode about it.

Come to think of it, the episode doesn’t really explain the term very well.

Anyway, the phrase refers to the bottom of the ocean, and it is used to describe where drown pirates and shipwrecks end up.

skull and bones in the woods

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Hopefully, this phrase won’t be a necessary one in your vocab. It means leave no survivors left behind. 

Go On Account

Maybe by the end of the day you can use this phrase to describe yourself. It means turning into a pirate. 


This word can be used to reference any drink containing alcohol. So be sure to pour yourself a large glass of grog on Talk Like A Pirate Day and put your feet up.

Hang the Jib 

Tell your kids this when you are sick of hearing them whine. Hang the jib means to frown or pout. 


Next time you catch someone cheating at something, feel free to call them a hornswaggler. This word means to cheat.

Land Lubber 

If you come across someone in your day that is a weakling and can’t handle themselves in a stressful situation, go ahead and call them a landlubber.

Talk Like a Pirate Lingo

Maybe you can use it when you are feeling particularly frustrated in traffic because of a pokey driver.

Jolly Roger 

The iconic skull and crossbones flag of the pirate ship is called the Jolly Roger, and it was flown usually to identify a pirate ship that was about to attack.


Tell your kids that you are going to keelhaul them the next time they are being bad. This words refers to a form of punishment.


This word is used to describe a good friend. Gather your best mateys and some grog to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day.


You might think this is when your kids and husband all seem to be conspiring against you, but it was used to describe when a ship’s crew would gang up against the captain. 

Old Salt

An older, experienced pirate was called an old salt.

Run a Rig 

This is when you play a joke or trick on someone else. 


You can use this term to insult someone. It is one of the more colorful words you can use without feeling so bad when your todler repeats it.

Shiver Me Timbers

This is a term of surprise you can shout when caught off guard.

Talk Like Pirate Lingo - Bird on shoulder

Son of a Biscuit Eater 

Also meant to insult someone, this term is a little more cutting than scallywag.


If you are a mom, you should be familiar with this term that means to mop or clean something.

For those that do the work of swabbing, they can be called a swabby.

Take a Caulk

This phrase means to take a nap, and it is pretty much an essential part of being a pirate for the day. 

Yo ho ho

Go ahead and yell this when you are having a particularly good time. It is meant to express enjoyment.  

How to Host a Pirate Party

Pirate parties are a great way to celebrate the last days of summer!

They are also a lot of fun for kids, who can dress up in all their pirate gear and enjoy the spoils.

Our Pirate Birthday Party ideas post will show you how to host the perfect pirate party that is sure to be remembered by your little ones.

Free Talk Like a Pirate Day Printable Kit

For the kids to enjoy, I created this fun Talk Like a Pirate Day Printable Bundle.

Get the kids in the spirit and give yourself at least an hour of kid-free time while they work on it. Arr!

talk like a pirate day free printable

It includes 5 pages:

  • Cover page
  • How to Talk Like a Pirate Lingo Dictionary
  • Pirate Jokes
  • If I Were a Pirate writing prompt
  • Self Pirate Portrait starter

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