Is Disney World Haunted? These 6 Stories Say Yes

Do ghosts haunt The Happiest Place on Earth? There have long been legends that ghosts lurk just beyond the noisy, boisterous atmosphere of Disneyland, hiding in the shadows, but is there any merit to these tales?

Many have sworn to witness these ghostly apparitions, and some hauntings have been linked to actual deaths. Here are a few tales of sightings. You be the judge.  

Is Pirates of the Caribbean haunted?

When the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction was being built, George was a construction worker that died during the process. After his death, the cast members began to notice odd things happening like lights going on and off.

As a way to appease what they assumed to be George’s ghost, they began announcing good morning and good night to George. Things is. the days he isn’t acknowledged, George lets them know his displeasure with some mischief.

pirates of the caribbean ride

The ride will shut down, mysterious phone calls will come from the empty control room, and some even say they catch sight of him on the monitors. On a few occasions, riders have shouted that they don’t believe in George, and mysteriously they end up being stuck on the ride for a long period of time.

Is the Matterhorn haunted?

One of the most notoriously haunted places has been the Matterhorn ride which many workers have claimed to be haunted after a woman known as Dolly died on the ride in 1984.

is disney world haunted - matterhorn

According to an article on MSN, the area where the woman fell from the ride and died was known as Dolly’s Dip afterwards. Workers often claim to feel a presence in the area where she died.

One Matterhorn worker said in the six years they worked the ride, the never saw the lights working in the area known as Dolly’s Dip. They said they always seemed to burn out.

Is the Tower of Terror haunted?

At the Tower of Terror, it is said that a one of the cast members was a Bellhop for the last platform on the attraction. While loading guests one day, he dropped dead. Afterwards, strange things started happening especially on the platform where he died.

tower of terror ride

Lights would go on and off, and sometimes the ride freezes at the end of the day as other cast members do their nightly checks.

People have claimed to catch sight of a ghost in the entrance of the attraction. However, when they would try to look directly at it, the ghost disappears.

Other Famous Disney Hauntings

On Spaceship Earth, keep your eyes peeled for a little blonde girl that loves to ride in one of the cars. This little girl also has a companion. There is a little ghost boy that is often seen with her.

spaceship earth ride disney
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People often claim to see a “woman in white” on Main Street. She is said to be dressed in all white, 19th century clothes, and many have caught sight of her. She is also known to lead lost children back to the daycare center to be reunited with their parents. The woman in white is one of the good ghosts lurking around Disney. 

walt disney statue

Many claim that Walt Disney is still very much present in the park. He had an office over the fire station on main street, and cast members said they would turn the light off only to have it turn back on by itself. One cast member said there were there when the light came back on, and they heard someone say, “I’m still here.” 

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