5 Health Trends That Are More Than Just Trends

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Millennials, as a whole, make it a practice to keep fit and eat healthier. Since they work long hours and have busy schedules, having conveniences that cater to their demands for a healthy lifestyle is necessary. Listed below are a few of the latest health trends that support their goals.

Wholesome, Pure Water

Home delivery water coolers are nothing new. The latest trend takes the experience to an entirely new level of pureness. Millennials’ demand for disclosure on all products has sparked some companies to transform their traditional water cooler into a water refilling station. Forget the bottles with filters or the filter under the sink. The newest equipment takes in your tap water and removes contaminants leaving it in the purest state. This gives the user a refreshing glass of water with not only improved taste but the improved smell as well.

On-Demand Fitness

Many people just don’t have time to pack up a bag and spend a few hours at the gym every day. The solution for millennials who take their bodies’ appearance seriously is virtual fitness on-demand. These downloadable apps bring the instructor into your home. The sessions are tough and high-impact, allowing you to achieve the most out of each workout, with many reducing the regular 2-hour gym session to 45 minutes. And, unlike the old videos of the seventies and eighties where you felt alone, these apps give you the sense that you are part of a class of people looking to achieve the same goals.

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Healthier Drinks Out

Millennials refuse to let a night out on the town with friends set them back a few days on their diets. Many companies realize their desire to stay fit and eat healthily and now offer hand-crafted alcoholic beverages that are low in calories. This allows them to indulge in their pleasure, kick back with good friends, and relax without the dreaded pounds packed on. And, if you plan to enjoy several alcoholic drinks and don’t want to wake up feeling terrible, now you can take an anti-hangover pill beforehand.

Healthy Home Meal Deliveries

Millennials live hectic lives and, because of this, they don’t have much time to prepare wholesome home-cooked meals. Luckily, companies in tune with their needs and desire to eat healthily have created a way to reduce their cooking time significantly. Today, some companies specialize in delivering healthy meals with everything included in the kit to create a wholesome dinner in short order. All you need to do is open the package and put the items on the stove or in the oven.  Since the prep-work is not necessary, you can go from the box to your table in half the time.


Vacations provide a way to relax and escape the work environment. Millennials are changing the usual vacation where you overeat, over drink, and barely move into an experience that you won’t soon forget. They find remote locations around the globe and book a flight. On their vacations, they create an itinerary ahead of time and then walk extensively, often out to unchartered territory to view historic sites. They sample new foods and bring home their experiences through collected memorabilia and pictures that they proudly display on their walls and social media feeds.

Millennials are a hard-working group that lives life to the fullest. As such, they want to keep their bodies fit and healthy.