DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween Costume Ideas

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Don’t just buy the same Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween Costume that 100 other people will be wearing this year, make your own with these DIY ideas!

Fall is here, and you know what that means. It’s time to pick out a Halloween costume! I know we are just barely back to school, but now is the perfect time to start considering your outfit and getting all the details just right.

We all know the longer we wait and the closer we get to October 31, the more expensive and less of a selection we have on Halloween accessories. So plan and shop early.

Here are a few fun ideas to help jump start your inspiration for an awesome Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween this year.

Guardians of the Galaxy


Dreamy Star-Lord is sure to be a hit this Halloween. Thankfully, his costume is pretty easy to put together. 

star lord costume ideas

You can shop for a variety of Star-Lord jackets, trench coats and gloves online. Opt for a pair of black denim jeans or go all out and get a pair of leather pants. I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good pair of leather pants? 

guardians of the galaxy DIY costume ideas
Photo Credit Frans Art Design

Accessorize the look with these necklaces made by Frans Art Design

star lord helmet
Photo Credit Instructables

Re-create Star-Lord’s helmet with help from

Guardians of the Galaxy Halloween Costume Ideas

Don’t forget your Star Lord blaster


Channel your sexy green side with a DIY Gamora Costume. 

From Head to Toe has created this incredible video on perfecting the Gamora look.

guardians of the galaxy DIY costume ideas gamora
Photo Credit Sock Dreams
gamora wig

If don’t want to cover your whole body in green paint, use this helpful idea from Sock Dreams. She features a tutorial on how to make green tights into gloves! 

Get a wig if you don’t have Gamora’s long tresses. 


Everyone seems to love Groot! You can easily make a Groot costume from a variety of items. Here are a couple of ideas to create your own. 

diy groot costume
Photo Credit Coolest Homemade Costumes

This homemade Groot costume was made by the pros at Coolest Homemade Costumes. They offer up detailed instructions on how they created their masterpiece.

diy baby groot costume
Photo Credit Instructables has come up with an all paper dancing Groot that is totally affordable and adorable. 

diy groot costume

To add a little flair to your costume, try using some Groot “hands” or if you just can’t find the energy or the time to fully Groot out, try these Groot sunglasses to complete your transformation.

Rocket Raccoon

This adorable, furry character is a great idea for kids, and it doesn’t take much to make the costume.

This quick tutorial from eHow makes a raccoon mask easy-peasy. 

guardians of the galaxy rocket raccoon
Photo Credit Lisa Lamonicao

If you are looking for the perfect orange jumpsuit, check out this awesome Rocket Raccoon costume from Lisa Lamonicao

guardians of the galaxy halloween costumes

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  1. Wow. Really awesome Halloween costumes! Instead of making a Groot costumre, I would love to make a Groot figure to display on our front porch. I’m going to think about this. It looks fantastic.


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