Strawberry Confusa: A Refreshing Tequila Cocktail Recipe

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Sweet Basil is one of those staple herbs that I make sure to have year round in my window sill garden. While I usually pair it with garlic and tomatoes, the new trend seems to be adding them to fancy cocktails, and if you know me, then you know that I’m the Queen of Fancy Cocktails. When PURA VIDA asked me to try their Strawberry Confusa recipe, I knew before I even made it that it was going to be a new favorite.

Strawberry Confusa Tequila Cocktail Recipe 2

Fresh strawberries muddled with sweet basil and agave nectar…this is already the makings of an awesome sweet pastry topping, right? Add smooth PURA VIDA Tequila and soda water and this is the perfect poolside sipper or Valentine’s Date Night Cocktail. You pick.

strawberry tequila cocktail recipe (1)

[yumprint-recipe id=’9′]What makes PURA VIDA different from the rest? Well, I’ve been told that a secret Champagne yeast was created especially for PURA VIDA’s fermentation process. Classical Music is played over the tanks “to help deliver an extremely pure and clean profile without the stereotypical tequila bite.” (No joke!) 

  • PURA VIDA is Triple Distilled to achieve the purest and highest quality available (twice in traditional small batch custom designed, hand crafted copper stills and once using a custom designed stainless steel purification process)
  • With no additives, PURA VIDA Tequila is just 57 calories per one ounce shot
  • Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave harvested exclusively from the Vivanco Estate in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico

The Beverage Industry News (BIN) has chosen to honor the brand by selecting Pura Vida Tequila Reposado as the Editor’s Top Pick for 2013. For those of you that were unaware, the Beverage Industry News has served the U.S. Beverage Industry for eighty plus years and is one of the most widely read and respected beverage trade publications in the country. So yeah, this award is kinda a big deal.

Drink responsibly folks! Don’t drink and drive and don’t let your friends drink and drive. 

This post is written on behalf of PURA VIDA Tequila by me. All opinions are 100% mine. Find PURA VIDA on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

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  1. I love the combo of basil and sweet strawberry. I am sure this would be amazingly refreshing drink recipe in the summer time too.


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