YES! You Can Afford To Travel

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Picture yourself sitting totally at peace and chill sitting on a warm beach far far away from all your troubles, sipping a drink while you watch the crystal clear water lap against the shore. Or maybe when you think of a perfect vacation you are hiking paths through the rainforest, with a local guide, and hearing tropical birds singing as you work up a sweat. Or maybe you have some other amazing experience such as mountain climbing, an elephant back safari, or skiing in your mind’s eye. If you are thinking that while such travel sounds amazing it is not in your budget here are some ideas so that you will be able to take that trip of a lifetime soon.

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First, think about what budget you might have for your travels. Now you may be worrying or stressing because you do not have anything put away or might worry that your credit score is too low for you to ever be able to travel anywhere. If this is the case, breathe. If travel is your dream look into a credit builder loan, or into a credit card that earns you airline miles. It can be easy to think that a trip of a lifetime is an impossible goal, but if put in some time and energy to do some research and make the trip a priority yes you can travel. Your future self will be glad you planned ahead and made travel a goal, I promise you. 

Second, think about how much time you can put aside for traveling. Many of us will find we have thoughts that we are too busy with work or family to take the time to travel right now. In reality more and more articles and studies have shown the importance of taking a vacation and how doing so allows us to be our best selves at work and be more creative in our day to day lives. Another common thought is that we will have more time somewhere down the line. Honestly, you won’t. Tomorrow is always just as full as today unless we are very intentional about carving out space in our schedules. Unless you put it on paper and get targets and goals to reach your travel dreams you will never find the time to get around to it.

Third, start planning your trip. This is the stage where it is important to use all the online resources that are available to you. While you could hypothetically keep asking friends and family and calling destinations until you figure out what would be a great trip for you to take but this involves a lot of extra unneeded time and energy. There are sites that share the best travel destinations to go to or excursions you can not miss while there. There are sites that will help you bundle your airfare, car rental, and hotel together with the aim of saving you money. There are sites that help you make sure you pack everything you need in a carryon. Take advantage of these sites and other individuals who help others travel for a living.

As you can see, planning your next trip is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Since it is possible to reach your goal of having the trip of a lifetime what is standing in your way. Following your travel dreams will make you feel more confident, creative, and proud of yourself. So travel no matter if travel takes you to a beach, the rainforest, snorkeling, mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, or something even wilder and bolder you owe it to yourself to go ahead. So go forth and travel.

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