23 Inspiring (and Awesome!) Travel Tattoo Ideas

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If that hunger is rumbling within your own soul, and you want to wear your love of travel where the world can see, here are 23 awesome travel tattoo ideas.

When I got my first tattoo, my mother told me, “You are going to regret that when the tattoo fad ends.” Her warning had seemed absolutely absurd to me.

After all, I had seen elderly men sporting tattoos that commemorated their years in the service and the wars they had fought for freedom.

I had seen the glimpse of a teacher’s small ankle tattoo that represented her time in the Peace Corps, and my brother had gotten a tattoo in remembrance of the brother we had lost in a car accident

To me, tattoos seemed like an amazing tool for self-expression that tell a story. 

“Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts” 

Michael Biondi

They have existed for thousands of years dating back to ancient Egyptian, and the desire to decorate our bodies with the art of our lives is still a prevalent practice.

How to Prepare for a Tattoo

If you’ve never gotten a tattoo before and this travel tattoo will be your first, or even if it’s been a while, you may want to read over our article on How to Prepare for a Tattoo.

We cover things like what not to do before getting a tattoo, what to wear, what to bring, how to choose a design, should you shower and how to choose the spot for your next tattoo.

Inspiring Travel Tattoo Ideas

For many, the act of traveling has become a way to encourage personal, spiritual, and intellectual growth, and it is a special experience that people want to wear as a badge of honor.

travel tattoo ideas
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It represents a hunger to never stop exploring and discovering what this world has to offer.

If that hunger is rumbling within your own soul, and you want to wear your love of travel where the world can see, here is some inspiration.

I especially love the small travel tattoos and beach tattoo ideas.

This whimsical design captures the fun-loving spirit of an adventure seeker with a simple but beautiful image.

If you want a small tattoo and token of your memories on those breathtaking beach vacations, opt for a small seashell as a beach tattoo design.

travel tattoo ideas

Does travel make you feel like a bird that has finally been set free? Get this tattoo as a symbol of freedom.

travel tattoo ideas
Travel on Inspiration

 This simple reminder to grab life is a permanent expression of the fire in your soul.

Ink your body with your favorite travel activity like this wanderlust backpacker.

Always keep going. Tattoo it right where you can see your inspiration every day.

travel tattoo ideas

Create your own unique spin on an old favorite like this beautiful leaf with compass elements. 

travel tattoo ideas

Wear your heart on the outside and proclaim your true love.

Airplane tattoos are common for travelers bitten by wanderlust. If you can’t commit to regular inked designs, consider a white ink tattoo for a more subtle look.

travel tattoo ideas

This beach themed sand dollar is one of the cool tattoos. Take the beach with you anywhere you may roam. The broken pieces turn into birds and fly away.

travel tattoo ideas
maroseslu on Instagram

Let your spirit sail the oceans like a message in a bottle.

travel tattoo ideas
freeorgy on Instagram

This intricate piece is a gorgeous tattoo that tells the tales of true traveler.  

travel tattoo ideas

Make a vibrant watercolor tattoos trendy splotches unique by adding a simple world map underneath. It looks like a piece of art you might hang on your wall and is a playful way to decorate your canvas with what you love.

There is nothing like beach therapy. Palm tree tattoos are a constant reminder of the sun and sand.

travel tattoo ideas

Use a nautical theme to represent your hunger for exploration. The blue watercolor splotches are a creative way to represent the ocean waves without overpowering the rest of the design.

travel tattoo ideas

If you can’t choose just one image, make a collage of your favorite travel destinations.

Go simple with your statement, and say what is in your heart.

travel tattoo ideas
The Brofessional

Use your favorite quote to make your point.

travel tattoo ideas

Think outside the box, and do something completely original like these ski goggles.

Tiny tattoos are perfect for something small and hidden to keep as your own little secret. I like the idea of passport stamps too.

Be creative with your design and do something you love just like the way you approach life.

And here are a couple from Jeana, the founder of Surf and Sunshine! She likes to collect tattoos from her travels, not only in design inspiration, but actually having the ink done in the countries she visits. See more of Jeana’s beautiful tattoos.

simple travel tattoos
travel tattoo ideas

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