While travel may not be an option right now, this won’t be the case always, and it may be the perfect time to save up for that trip you’ve always wanted to take!

When it comes to allure and adventure, many people would choose to travel. The world is a big place with a lot to see. Unfortunately, many people simply cannot afford to see the places they would like to see. There are some methods, however, that can make even the most far-out, expensive vacations possible for those with a modest income. Below is a brief guide on five ways to save for that trip:


As the global e-commerce landscape becomes increasingly competitive, a growing number of retailers are offering incentives to shop with them. These incentives can take various forms, but the largest and perhaps most popular is in the form of shopping rebates.

When you use shopping rebates to save money, you are essentially getting back a small portion of what you spent on goods or services you needed anyway. That one, two, or even three percent or more that is rebated back, however, can really add up over a period of time.

Pay Yourself First

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When you receive a paycheck, you likely have a variety of places that you need to send money to. These may include the mortgage company or landlord, the gas company, or the grocery stores. Whatever the case may be, a simple yet highly effective way to save money for a vacation is to pay yourself first. This simply means taking the first cut of your paycheck and putting it directly into a savings account or similar savings vehicle.

It does not matter whether you take one, two, five percent or more. The key is to be consistent. Even small amounts will gradually add up to significant amounts over time, making a large trip possible.

Cut Expenses

Whether you use shopping rebates to save money on groceries or cut costs in other ways, the key to success is lowering your monthly nut in order to have more money left to save. Cost-cutting does not have to be overly significant, either.

A savings of $100 per month equals an extra $1200 over one year. While that $1200 may not pay for an entire vacation by itself, it certainly can pay for some airline tickets or hotel rooms.

Sell Stuff

Modern society is full of extra, unnecessary pleasures that are not needed. Chances are good that you have acquired some stuff over the years that you no longer value. Examples could be Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, old clothing, or even records.

Whatever you may have that you no longer need or want, there is likely someone out there that values it and is willing to pay for it. The process of selling items online has also never been easier with platforms like eBay and Craigslist readily available and easy to use.


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Another simple option is to simply earn more money. This can be accomplished in two ways. The first way is to ask for a raise. The second way is to obtain a second part-time job for which all or most of your earnings go into savings. A few extra hours per month can really go a long way towards helping you achieve your goal and take that big trip.

What are some ways you like to save for a big trip?

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